Friday September 30, 2022
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11/20/17 “The October Revolution and Some Lessons for The Struggle for Socialism in the U.S.” available as pamphlet Minneapolis, MN
12/23/17 Zionists shoot Santa in Palestine Palestine
12/01/17 Zimbabwe’s leadership change and the enduring legacy of Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe
7/14/17 YPRC organizes ‘Resist and Flourish’ summer school Milwaukee, WI
6/22/17 Young Latino survives LAPD shooting in East Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
1/11/17 Young Black activists tell why they disrupted the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing Washington, DC
12/05/17 Yemen’s Houthi movement eliminates former president Saleh for ‘treason’ amid Saudi war Jacksonville, FL
10/31/17 Workers march into University of Minnesota president’s office Minneapolis, MN
1/21/17 Women's March Minnesota draws tens of thousands Saint Paul, MN
3/19/17 White rapist freed Los Angeles, CA
11/04/17 WFTU World Working Youth Congress meets Italy Rome, Italy
2/24/17 WFTU Statement on the International Women's day, March 8th, 2017 United States
8/26/17 WFTU statement on the earthquake in Italy Ischia, Italy
6/24/17 WFTU Statement on the Decision of the UN Security Council to welcome the deployment of military force to tackle the threat of terrorism in Sahel United States
4/24/17 WFTU Statement on May Day 2017 US
1/16/17 WFTU statement for the strike in “Hallmark” garment factory in Myanmar United States
1/29/17 West Michigan protests Trump's Muslim ban at Ford Airport Grand Rapids, MI
3/30/17 Welfare Rights Committee blasts ‘insulting’ 13-dollar increase in Minnesota welfare grants Saint Paul, MN
2/04/17 Washington DC protest against Muslim ban Washington, DC
10/22/17 Volunteer brigade in Utuado, Puerto Rico helps isolated families Utuado, Puerto Rico
4/08/17 Violent NYPD Attacks Anti-war March New York, New York
7/18/17 Vigil held for woman murdered by Minneapolis police Minneapolis, MN
12/14/17 Video: County Attorney Exposed on Damond Case Minneapolis, MN
5/21/17 Victory to the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike! United States
4/07/17 Vicious police attack on Jacksonville anti-war protest Jacksonville, FL