Tuesday November 30, 2021
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3/01/17 UNF students sit in demanding justice, sanctuary campus Jacksonville, FL
3/16/17 Unions rally to ‘Defend the Working Class’ in Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL
7/03/17 Unions victorious after year-long battle against Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN
10/19/17 University of Florida students shut down white supremacist Richard Spencer Gainesville, FL
11/02/17 University of Minnesota Teamsters approve strike authorization vote by large margin Minneapolis, MN
10/12/17 University of Utah SDS fundraiser for SDS convention a big success Salt Lake City, UT
11/15/17 University of Utah SDS holds campaign kick-off event for anti-war campaign Salt Lake City, UT
6/06/17 UPS and temp company sued for firing Muslim workers who want to pray Minneapolis, MN
12/03/17 UPS imposes 70-hour work week Milwaukee, WI
10/01/17 UPS Teamsters make contract demands Jacksonville, FL
9/19/17 Utah protest defends DACA, demands legalization for all Salt Lake City, UT
9/03/17 Utah rallies for nurse brutalized by Salt Lake police Salt Lake City, UT
1/25/17 Utah SDS leads walkout, 1500 march in Salt Lake City to protest Trump inauguration Salt Lake City, UT
12/10/17 Venezuela and the fight for socialism Milwaukee WI
11/04/17 Venezuela: Revolutionary workers denounce reactionary moves of opposition Venezuela
10/30/17 Venezuelan Communists build unity, remember 1917 Caracas, Venezuela
9/05/17 Venezuelan communists urge mass pressure for the Constituent Assembly to apply popular measures Venezuela
10/16/17 Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution declares victory in governor elections Venezuela
9/04/17 Venezuela’s communists: New stage of the Bolivarian Process Venezuela
4/07/17 Vicious police attack on Jacksonville anti-war protest Jacksonville, FL
5/21/17 Victory to the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike! United States
12/14/17 Video: County Attorney Exposed on Damond Case Minneapolis, MN
7/18/17 Vigil held for woman murdered by Minneapolis police Minneapolis, MN
4/08/17 Violent NYPD Attacks Anti-war March New York, New York
10/22/17 Volunteer brigade in Utuado, Puerto Rico helps isolated families Utuado, Puerto Rico