Tuesday January 31, 2023
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12/17/17 Twin Cites Dec. 20 peace vigil: No war for the holidays Minneapolis, MN
1/20/17 Twin Cites Home Depot janitors strike against poverty wages, Trump Minneapolis, MN
11/10/17 Twin Cites protest slams Trump war moves against north Korea Minneapolis, MN
5/30/17 Twin Cites protest to demand ‘Trump out now!’ Minneapolis, MN
12/09/17 Twin Cites stands with Palestine Saint Paul, MN
8/22/17 Twin Cities anti-war activists respond to Trump Afghanistan speech Minneapolis, MN
4/21/17 Twin Cities Anti-War Committee to join March for Science Saint Paul, MN
5/16/17 Twin Cities bannering marks Al-Nakba Minneapolis, MN
4/27/17 Twin Cities peace vigil opposes U.S. war on Korea St. Paul, MN
12/23/17 Twin Cities peace vigil speaks out on war crisis in Korea Saint Paul, MN
9/07/17 Twin Cities peace vigil speaks out on war crisis in Korea Minneapolis, MN
12/07/17 Twin Cities protest to say ‘No’ to Trump plan to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem Saint Paul, MN
5/17/17 Twin Cities rallies to protect Metro Transit St. Paul, MN
6/08/17 Twin River Casino workers vote to strike Lincoln, RI
2/17/17 U of MN students prepare for ‘Not My President's Day’ to demand sanctuary campus Minneapolis, MN
6/09/17 U of MN unions hold their own hearing on budget after regents cancel public testimony Minneapolis, MN
9/10/17 U of MN workers protest opening of $4 billion fundraising campaign, say they won’t be driven into poverty Minneapolis, MN
9/24/17 U of MN workers say no to poverty wages, crash elite fundraising event Minneapolis, MN
11/11/17 U.S. delegation’s address to World Working Youth Congress in Rome Rome, Italy
3/24/17 U.S. persecutes Latin American leftists abroad Minneapolis, MN
5/19/17 U.S. warplanes strike Syrian forces Washington D.C.
5/04/17 UIC workers picket for end to wage discrimination Chicago, IL
6/23/17 Undocumented student Claudia Rueda freed Los Angeles, CA
12/21/17 Undocumented youth on jail hunger strike in D.C. demand Congress pass ‘clean DREAM Act now!’ Washington D.C.
10/13/17 UNF SDS takes a knee for Black lives Jacksonville, FL