Sunday May 22, 2022
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9/07/17 Trump attacks DACA, big march in Grand Rapids, MI Grand Rapids, MI
3/19/17 Trump budget: Attacks on poor and working class, claims tax cuts for rich ‘compassionate’ San José, CA
8/22/17 Trump confronted in Phoenix Phoenix, AZ
2/22/17 Trump executive orders on policing are new threat to African Americans and Latinos Washington DC
1/25/17 Trump issues executive order to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico San José, CA
1/24/17 Trump memorandums push construction of Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone XL Minneapolis, MN
5/26/17 Trumpcare version 2: Just as bad or worse San José, CA
5/24/17 Trump’s budget is opening shot in new war on poor and working class San José, CA
1/24/17 Trump’s election sets up potential new attacks on unions Washington, D.C.
3/17/17 Trump’s Muslim ban draws Tucson protest Tucson, AZ
4/03/17 Trump’s “Crime Victims' Rights Week” targets immigrants Washington D.C.
10/07/17 Tucson calls for end to war in Afghanistan Tucson, AZ
8/29/17 Tucson celebrates the 47th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium Tucson, AZ
1/09/17 Tucson coalition prepares to fight back against Trump Tucson, AZ
12/12/17 Tucson holds vigil for victim of Border Patrol killing Tucson, AZ
4/08/17 Tucson joins national wave of ‘Hands off Syria’ protests Tucson, AZ
5/02/17 Tucson May Day eyes building mass movement against Trump Tucson, AZ
2/17/17 Tucson protest against ICE hit with police crackdown Tucson, AZ
9/10/17 Tucson rallies hundreds to defend DACA Tucson, AZ
5/14/17 Tucson stands with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike Tucson, AZ
3/13/17 Tucson to protest new Trump Muslim ban Tucson, AZ
2/13/17 Tucson to protest Trump’s ICE raids Tucson, AZ
7/26/17 Tucson to tell Trump: Hands off Venezuela! Tucson, AZ
8/07/17 Twin Cites anti-war leader speaks out against mosque bombing Minneapolis, MN
6/09/17 Twin Cites community leaders speak out against anti-Muslim bigots Minneapolis, MN