Thursday June 8, 2023
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6/30/17 Minneapolis protests reinstated Muslim ban Minneapolis, MN
8/09/17 Minneapolis Public Schools votes to keep cops in schools Minneapolis, MN
7/23/17 Minneapolis rallies against ‘Endless U.S. Wars’ Minneapolis, MN
3/19/17 Minneapolis rallies for ‘No Muslim ban and no wars’ Minneapolis, MN
4/07/17 Minneapolis set to protest Trump’s attack on Syria Minneapolis, MN
4/15/17 Minneapolis slams escalation of war on Afghanistan, demands “Hands off Korea” MInneapolis, MN
2/17/17 Minneapolis solidarity march with immigrants and refugees set Minneapolis, MN
11/12/17 Minneapolis students walk out to defend DACA and TPS Minneapolis, MN
7/06/17 Minneapolis to host the premier of documentary ‘Palestine: Why the Caged Dove Sings’ Minneapolis, MN
12/27/17 Minnesota activists bring day-late Xmas cheer to Sen. Klobuchar demanding urgent action on Clean Dream Act Minneapolis, MN
3/01/17 Minnesota protest will confront pro-Trump rally St. Paul, MN
3/04/17 Minnesota protesters disrupt Trump rally at capitol Saint Paul, MN
10/28/17 Minnesota says no war threats on Korea Minneapolis, MN
1/17/17 Minnesota students set walkout to protest Trump inauguration Jan. 20 Minneapolis, MN
5/20/17 Minnesota teachers rally for education funding St. Paul, MN
3/16/17 Minnesota to protest revised Muslim ban Minneapolis, MN
10/21/17 Minnesota unions bring solidarity to Puerto Rican teachers' union San Juan, Puerto Rico
3/25/17 Minnesotans counter Trump with ‘No more deportations’ protest St. Paul, MN
2/18/17 Minnesotans march against racist Muslim ban and attacks on immigrants Minneapolis, MN
1/28/17 Minnesotans to protest Muslim ban, attacks on immigrants Minneapolis, MN
4/16/17 MN Anti-War Committee statement in solidarity with the #Jax5 Jacksonville, FL
12/12/17 MN marches against wars and deportations on Human Rights Day Minneapolis, MN
4/12/17 MN protests growing U.S. wars at Sen. Klobuchar’s office Minneapolis, MN
10/10/17 MN says #NoMuslimBanEver Minneapolis, MN
10/04/17 MN says, ‘Aid yes, debt no!’ at Puerto Rico solidarity protest Minneapolis, MN