Tuesday June 6, 2023
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4/07/17 Chicago: Beloved teacher fired for defending students Chicago, IL
12/12/17 People’s Thanksgiving honors memory of Pat Hunt Chicago, IL
9/24/17 Film review: A Taxi Driver Chicago, IL
12/19/17 International Revolutionary Day 2017 Chicago, IL
9/20/17 Hugs and tears as Rasmea Odeh deported Chicago, IL
11/14/17 Josephine Wyatt, fighter for African American freedom and socialism remembered Chicago, IL
1/22/17 250,000 join Chicago Women’s March Chicago, IL
4/18/17 Hundreds rally in support of prominent Chicago teachers’ leader Sarah Chambers Chicago, IL
7/25/17 Step forward in Chicago fight for special education Chicago, IL
5/26/17 Charter teachers reach tentative agreement with Passages, narrowly averting first charter school strike in U.S. history Chicago, IL
5/04/17 UIC workers picket for end to wage discrimination Chicago, IL
11/25/17 Hundreds protest killings by police, boycott Black Friday in Chicago Chicago, IL
5/22/17 Chicago teachers prepare for first charter school strike in U.S. history Chicago, IL
7/13/17 Corrupt Teamster leader John Coli faces federal charges for extorting $100,000 Chicago, IL
5/19/17 Oscar López Rivera, freed Puerto Rican political prisoner, welcomed home to Chicago Chicago, IL
9/24/17 Anniversary of FBI raids on anti-war and international solidarity activists Chicago, IL
12/08/17 People’s Thanksgiving 2017 - FRSO speech by Frank Chapman Chicago, IL
6/18/17 Chicago protest slams acquittal of the cop that killed Philando Castile in Minnesota Chicago, IL
9/08/17 Chicago: Democrats force pro-Palestinian candidate off gubernatorial ticket Chicago, IL
6/11/17 Chicago charter school union votes to unify with Chicago Teachers Union Chicago, IL
5/20/17 AT&T Wireless, Wireline and DIRECTV workers walk off the job nationwide Chicago, IL
3/11/17 In response to the Chicago Tribune: Rasmea Odeh is a survivor of sexual torture Chicago, IL
5/06/17 Teachers vote unanimously to strike at one of Chicago’s oldest charter schools Chicago, IL
4/18/17 Lessons from the victory in the cases of Robert Almodovar and William Negron Chicago, IL
8/15/17 Protesters march at pretrial hearing of cop who killed Laquan McDonald Chicago, IL