Saturday October 1, 2022
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11/24/17 President Duterte tyrannical saboteur of peace negotiations Philippines
11/23/17 Oshkosh, WI SDS holds protest against campus racism Oshkosh, WI
11/22/17 PFLP: Attack on the Resistance is a U.S.-Zionist decision with Arab agents Palestine
11/21/17 Students at UNF oppose racists, KKK and Nazis Jacksonville, FL
11/20/17 The Freedom Road Socialist Organization salutes the Workers World Party National Conference 2017 New York, NY
11/20/17 Interview with Jose Maria Sison on People’s War in Philippines now available as pamphlet Minneapolis, MN
11/20/17 “The October Revolution and Some Lessons for The Struggle for Socialism in the U.S.” available as pamphlet Minneapolis, MN
11/20/17 NYC protests killings of Colombian activists New York, NY
11/18/17 CPP to Trump: The Philippines is not a piece of real estate Philippines
11/17/17 400 University of Minnesota Teamsters march for raises and respect Minneapolis, MN
11/17/17 Boycott Black Friday to protest Chicago police crimes Chicago, IL
11/16/17 Saudi Arabia's gangster 'Game of Thrones' reflects crisis for imperialism in Middle East Saudi Arabia
11/15/17 Massive Nov. 9 protests by Greek workers Athens, Greece
11/15/17 University of Utah SDS holds campaign kick-off event for anti-war campaign Salt Lake City, UT
11/15/17 Trump and Duterte face massive protests in Philippines Manila, Philippines
11/14/17 Jacksonville protests visit of grandson of Zionist war criminal David Ben-Gurion Jacksonville, FL
11/14/17 Josephine Wyatt, fighter for African American freedom and socialism remembered Chicago, IL
11/13/17 Anti-war protesters rally at Trump resort in Miami Doral, FL
11/12/17 Minneapolis students walk out to defend DACA and TPS Minneapolis, MN
11/11/17 U.S. delegation’s address to World Working Youth Congress in Rome Rome, Italy
11/10/17 Twin Cites protest slams Trump war moves against north Korea Minneapolis, MN
11/09/17 Salt Lake City FRSO holds 2nd annual Marxism-Leninism Day School Salt Lake City, UT
11/09/17 Puerto Rican teachers occupy education secretary's office, 21 arrested demanding public schools not be closed San Juan, Puerto Rico
11/09/17 New York celebrates 100 years of socialist revolution New York, NY
11/08/17 Tallahassee celebrates 100-year anniversary of October Revolution Tallahassee, FL