Tuesday June 6, 2023
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5/18/17 Florida Agriculture Commissioner Putnam's campaign-bus photographed with slogan against Jax5 Jacksonville, FL
5/18/17 Huge general strike rocks Greece Greece
5/18/17 Resistance marks Trump’s first 100 days Jacksonville, FL
5/17/17 Twin Cities rallies to protect Metro Transit St. Paul, MN
5/17/17 General strike in Greece May 17 Greece
5/16/17 Twin Cities bannering marks Al-Nakba Minneapolis, MN
5/15/17 PFLP: We stand behind Ahmad Sa’adat and the prisoners’ movement in the battle of dignity Palestine
5/15/17 16th annual Palestine Cultural Day in San José San José, CA
5/14/17 Jersey City teachers mobilize against gentrification Jersey City, NJ
5/14/17 Tucson stands with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike Tucson, AZ
5/12/17 Emergency protest and call-in campaign against ICE detaining immigrants in Saint Paul Saint Paul, MN
5/12/17 The WFTU condemns the vulgar and unethical advertisement of Pizza Hut referring to the Palestinian hunger strikers Palestine
5/12/17 Free all victims of Chicago police torture Chicago, IL
5/10/17 Jacksonville press conference on Jax5 and police accountability Jacksonville, FL
5/09/17 Tallahassee students and workers hold International Workers Day rally Tallahassee, FL
5/09/17 The fight for immigrant rights under Trump San José, CA
5/07/17 Syrian captives join hunger strike in Israeli prisons Washington, DC
5/07/17 Jamar Clark remembered on his 26th birthday Minneapolis, MN
5/07/17 PFLP leader join Palestinian prisoner hunger strike Palestine
5/06/17 Teachers vote unanimously to strike at one of Chicago’s oldest charter schools Chicago, IL
5/05/17 House Republicans pass Trumpcare Version 2 San José, CA
5/05/17 More protests in Twin Cities against U.S. military threats against north Korea Minneapolis, MN
5/04/17 Massive May 1 march in El Salvador San Salvador, El Salvador
5/04/17 UIC workers picket for end to wage discrimination Chicago, IL
5/04/17 Miami community calls for an end to trans murders Opa Locka, FL