Friday June 9, 2023
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7/06/17 More U.S. threats and military drills directed against the DPRK Washington D.C.
7/06/17 Philippines, like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, a priority for intervention says US Special Operations Command Philippines
7/04/17 DPRK builds defense capacity, tests ICBM Washington, D.C.
7/03/17 Unions victorious after year-long battle against Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN
7/03/17 PFLP: Arrests of our leaders will not deter us from continuing resistance Palestine
6/30/17 Minneapolis protests reinstated Muslim ban Minneapolis, MN
6/28/17 Minneapolis protest set against Trump’s revised Muslim ban Minneapolis, MN
6/27/17 Milwaukee rallies for Cuba and Venezuela Milwaukee, WI
6/27/17 Justice for Japanese Latin Americans! San José, CA
6/26/17 Republican Senate health care bill just as bad as the House version San José, CA
6/26/17 Protest at Twin Cites Pride: “No cops, no KKK, no racist Pride today!” Minneapolis, MN
6/26/17 Protesters demand Trump close Guantanamo Bay Doral, FL
6/24/17 China develops laser gun for shooting down drones Washington, DC
6/24/17 WFTU Statement on the Decision of the UN Security Council to welcome the deployment of military force to tackle the threat of terrorism in Sahel United States
6/24/17 Jacksonville protests for trans rights Jacksonville, FL
6/23/17 Charges dropped against Ariel Vences Lopez from arrest on Minneapolis light rail Minneapolis, MN
6/23/17 Undocumented student Claudia Rueda freed Los Angeles, CA
6/22/17 Young Latino survives LAPD shooting in East Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
6/19/17 PFLP denounces, urges action against collective punishment attacks on Jerusalem and Deir Abu Mashaal United States
6/19/17 Film review: "All Eyez on Me" Houston, TX
6/18/17 Chicago protest slams acquittal of the cop that killed Philando Castile in Minnesota Chicago, IL
6/16/17 Massive protest underway protesting verdict in case of Philando Castile St. Paul, MN
6/16/17 Massive protest underway protesting verdict in case of Philando Castile St. Paul, MN
6/14/17 Day of verdict: Justice4Philando emergency response set Saint Paul, MN
6/13/17 Protest demands New Hope fire cop who questioned Ariel Vences-Lopez’s immigration status on public transit New Hope, MN