Friday June 9, 2023
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9/04/17 Venezuela’s communists: New stage of the Bolivarian Process Venezuela
9/04/17 Green Day Rocks Against Trump West Palm Beach, Florida
9/04/17 Defend DACA, Hit the streets for DREAMers! Washington, D.C.
9/05/17 Venezuelan communists urge mass pressure for the Constituent Assembly to apply popular measures Venezuela
9/05/17 Community control of Minneapolis police demanded at MN State Fair shutdown St. Paul, MN
9/05/17 Jacksonville Community Action Committee demands no new cops Jacksonville, FL
9/05/17 Michigan mayor forced out of Labor Day bridge walk Grand Rapids, MI
9/05/17 2500 march in Minneapolis demanding ‘Hands off DACA! No more deportations!’ Minneapolis, MN
9/05/17 2500 march in Minneapolis demanding ‘Hands off DACA! No more deportations!’ Minneapolis, MN
9/07/17 High turnout for Milwaukee Labor Day parade Milwaukee, WI
9/07/17 Trump attacks DACA, big march in Grand Rapids, MI Grand Rapids, MI
9/07/17 Hurricane Irma and capitalism set to hit low-income communities the hardest Fort Lauderdale, FL
9/07/17 Twin Cities peace vigil speaks out on war crisis in Korea Minneapolis, MN
9/08/17 Chicago: Democrats force pro-Palestinian candidate off gubernatorial ticket Chicago, IL
9/08/17 Florida State students call for removal of confederate Francis Eppes monument Tallahassee, FL
9/08/17 Tampa Bay residents brace for Hurricane Irma Tampa, Florida
9/08/17 Thousands march in Milwaukee for DACA, demand ‘Legalization for all’ Milwaukee, WI
9/09/17 Evacuation plans leave South Florida in chaos Fort Lauderdale, FL
9/10/17 Tucson rallies hundreds to defend DACA Tucson, AZ
9/10/17 U of MN workers protest opening of $4 billion fundraising campaign, say they won’t be driven into poverty Minneapolis, MN
9/11/17 Houstonians rebuild amidst destruction from Hurricane Harvey Houston, TX
9/13/17 Black and Brown unite to demand LA district attorney prosecute killer cops Los Angeles, CA
9/13/17 NYC activists stand in solidarity with Durham New York, NY
9/13/17 In wake of Hurricane Irma, Florida activists serve the people Hollywood, FL
9/17/17 PFLP: Those who meet with the occupier stand with the enemies of the people Palestine