Thursday March 30, 2023
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Published Title Location
12/31/17 Israeli politician who wants Trump train station called for ‘civil targeted killings’ of BDS activists Minneapolis, MN
12/30/17 Top Fight Back! articles of 2017 United States
12/29/17 Top movies of 2017 Jacksonville, FL
12/28/17 Minneapolis protest against racism, police crimes and corporate greed set for Super Bowl Minneapolis, MN
12/28/17 Protest music confronts the Trump era: 20 protest songs of 2017 Saint Paul, MN
12/27/17 Minnesota activists bring day-late Xmas cheer to Sen. Klobuchar demanding urgent action on Clean Dream Act Minneapolis, MN
12/27/17 Filipino people mark 49th anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Philippines
12/25/17 Greetings from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) on the CPP’s 49th Anniversary Unites States
12/25/17 Read some Mao on Mao’s birthday United States
12/25/17 Read some Mao on Mao’s birthday United States
12/23/17 Zionists shoot Santa in Palestine Palestine
12/23/17 Twin Cities peace vigil speaks out on war crisis in Korea Saint Paul, MN
12/23/17 Minneapolis protest slams Trump’s Jerusalem announcement Minneapolis, MN
12/23/17 Mayo Albert Lea hospital workers locked out Albert Lea, MN
12/21/17 Undocumented youth on jail hunger strike in D.C. demand Congress pass ‘clean DREAM Act now!’ Washington D.C.
12/20/17 New People’s Army vows to fight, help oust Duterte Philippines
12/19/17 Mayo Albert Lea hospital workers on 1-day strike Albert Lea, MN
12/19/17 International Revolutionary Day 2017 Chicago, IL
12/17/17 Twin Cites Dec. 20 peace vigil: No war for the holidays Minneapolis, MN
12/17/17 DPRK warns Trump against implementing sea blockade Washington D.C.
12/17/17 LA charter school expansion defeated by parents and teachers Los Angeles, CA
12/16/17 Jacksonville demands end to racist ‘stop and frisk’ policy Jacksonville, FL
12/15/17 Milwaukee Labor Council confronts white supremacist Milwaukee, WI
12/14/17 Video: County Attorney Exposed on Damond Case Minneapolis, MN
12/13/17 New York celebrates 50 years of the PFLP New York, NY