Friday March 24, 2023
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6/03/16 3 Somali American youth entrapped by FBI found guilty by all-white jury Minneapolis, MN
12/06/16 Activists shut down panel about transparency in law enforcement Minneapolis, MN
5/01/16 March on the July 18 Republican National Convention planned Minneapolis, MN
3/16/16 No grand jury decision is step towards victory in fight for justice for Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
6/19/16 Twin Cities nurses strike Minneapolis, MN
10/01/16 Hundreds march on Allina Headquarters in support of striking nurses Minneapolis, MN
5/30/16 Minneapolis protest slams FBI entrapment of 3 Somali youth Minneapolis, MN
9/05/16 Minnesota nurses on strike Minneapolis, MN
3/30/16 Decision expected Wednesday on whether to indict cops that killed Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
4/27/16 Minneapolis International Workers Day march set for April 29 Minneapolis, MN
1/31/16 Minnesotans organizing to support peace process in Colombia Minneapolis, MN
9/25/16 Women Against Military Madness continues to stand with striking nurses Minneapolis, MN
12/02/16 Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King speaks out in Minneapolis against police brutality Minneapolis, MN
8/18/16 New Trump campaign boss is longtime red baiter Minneapolis, MN
7/03/16 Successful Minneapolis fundraiser for bus to protest Trump, RNC in Cleveland Minneapolis, MN
1/27/16 Minneapolis march demands justice for 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa, México Minneapolis, MN
1/02/16 Minneapolis NAACP blasts Mall of America after assault by security guards on 14-year-old Black girl Minneapolis, MN
2/14/16 Minneapolis Fight Back! fundraising event a success Minneapolis, MN
5/10/16 Trial starts for Somali youth entrapped by FBI Minneapolis, MN
3/25/16 Minneapolis community leaders blast police chief for threats against Justice for Jamar protests Minneapolis, MN
1/20/16 Hundreds of Minneapolis high school students walk out to protest ICE raids and deportations Minneapolis, MN
9/16/16 Minneapolis rally to stop deportation of Cambodian refugees Minneapolis, MN
4/16/16 If the fulcrum breaks: Donald Trump and the standard narrative Minneapolis, MN
10/31/16 Massive protest slams Hennepin County Sherriff deployment to Standing Rock Minneapolis, MN
9/11/16 Picket lines strong as first week of Minnesota Nurses strike ends Minneapolis, MN