Thursday February 2, 2023
| Last update: Wednesday at 8:08 PM


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3/12/16 Hundreds protest Trump at Miami Republican debate Miami, FL
1/11/16 Anti-war activists rally in Miami to close Guantanamo torture prison Miami, FL
4/10/16 Colombian labor leader inspires solidarity in Miami Miami, FL
3/29/16 Milwaukee protest slams Trump, Cruz as Republican Town Hall begins Milwaukee, WI
11/21/16 Hundreds attend Milwaukee meeting to organize against Trump Milwaukee, WI
3/27/16 Milwaukee activists preparing Dump Trump protest at Republican candidate event Milwaukee, WI
2/14/16 Hundreds protest at Democratic debates Milwaukee, WI
7/12/16 Hundreds march against police killings in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
4/09/16 Milwaukee pushes for DAPA/DACA+ implementation Milwaukee, WI
8/15/16 Milwaukee protests against police killing continue for second day Milwaukee, WI
2/06/16 Milwaukee students oppose cuts; seize stage at UW-M chancellors speech Milwaukee, WI
4/08/16 Marquette University students host gala for undocumented student scholarships Milwaukee, WI
3/28/16 Activists lock down Janesville, WI hotel to shut down Trump speaking event Milwaukee, WI
8/15/16 Milwaukee mayor tries to stop protests with curfew, militarized police Milwaukee, WI
11/15/16 Thousands march against Trump in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
3/04/16 ‘State of Our Unions’ event held in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
4/09/16 Wisconsin judge rules ‘Right To Work’ law unconstitutional Milwaukee, WI
4/05/16 1 arrest as hundreds of anti-Trump protesters face off with Milwaukee police Milwaukee, WI
3/29/16 Anti-Trump protesters marching in downtown Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
8/14/16 Police killing sparks rebellion in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
3/08/16 International Women’s Day celebrated in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
5/26/16 Government case against 3 entrapped Somali youth continues to falter Minneapolis MN
5/16/16 Trial continues for 3 Somali youth entrapped by the FBI Minneapolis, MN
7/10/16 Hundreds block Minneapolis streets and sit in outside Basilica Block Party demanding justice for Philando Castile Minneapolis, MN
1/29/16 BAYAN-USA presses FBI to reveal its role in last year’s massacre of Filipinos Minneapolis, MN