Friday May 27, 2022
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7/31/16 The upcoming elections and struggle in Jacksonville Jacksonville, Fl
7/30/16 Happy birthday to Colombian revolutionary Ricardo Palmera (Simon Trinidad) United States
7/28/16 Students and youth protest at the DNC Philadelphia, PA
7/27/16 Protest against police shooting of healthcare worker helping autistic man North Miami, Fl
7/26/16 People march on the first day of the DNC Philadelphia, PA
7/26/16 Palestinian Marxists condemn Saudi-Israeli rapprochement Palestine
7/25/16 Terrorist rule of the 1%: Understanding fascism Jacksonville, FL
7/23/16 Speech by FRSO leader Fernando Figueroa at ‘Stop Trump’ rally Cleveland, OH
7/22/16 Report from the frontlines of Colombia’s peace process Minneapolis, MN
7/22/16 3 Days in rural Mindanao: Human rights abuse and land grabs Guinoman, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines
7/21/16 Rasmea Odeh message to ‘Stop Trump’ protest at RNC Cleveland, OH
7/21/16 LAPD run out of Chicano neighborhood Los Angeles, CA
7/21/16 Communist Party, Turkey, statement on the military coup in Turkey Turkey
7/20/16 DC Black Lives Matter shuts down headquarters of Fraternal Order of Police Washington DC
7/20/16 New Philippines President Duterte talks tough, but “He’s not like Donald Trump” Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines
7/18/16 Mass protest against Trump and Republican racist agenda hits RNC in Cleveland Cleveland, OH
7/16/16 The Philippines: Indigenous people vs. multinational mining companies Iligan City, Mindanao
7/16/16 From anger to action: Building the movement for Black liberation United States
7/16/16 Protesters demand prosecution of Philando Castile’s killer Saint Paul, MN
7/14/16 Eyewitness account from Dallas protest where shooting took place Dallas, TX
7/14/16 Trump, Clinton, and the 2016 elections: Let’s build the struggle on the streets United States
7/12/16 British workers’ vote to exit EU creates instability for imperialists in EU and U.K. Washington D.C.
7/12/16 Free State of Jones takes on the Civil War, Reconstruction and class struggle United States
7/12/16 Hundreds march against police killings in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
7/12/16 500 march against racist police crimes in Jacksonville, defy police orders Jacksonville, FL