Saturday April 1, 2023
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12/18/16 International Revolutionary Day 2016 Chicago, Il
3/22/16 International Support of the WFTU to the March Against Unemployment organized by the city of Patras in Greece Athens, Greecd
3/13/16 International Women's Day march in Houston Houston, TX
3/08/16 International Women’s Day celebrated in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
5/03/16 International Workers Day march in Chicago Chicao, IL
5/02/16 International Workers Day march in El Salvador San Salvador, El Salvador
5/05/16 International Workers Day march in Houston, TX Houston, TX
1/03/16 Interview with traveler to Cuba: ‘It was like no other place we’ve ever been’ Chicago, IL
1/01/16 Iran vows response to U.S. sanctions United States
11/09/16 Israeli air attack on Syria Washington, DC
2/28/16 Israelis assassinate former Palestinian political prisoner in Bulgaria Palestine
10/19/16 J. Sitting Bear: Voices from the frontlines of resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline Standing Rock, SD
8/07/16 Jacksonville activists confront Donald Trump, his racist supporters Jacksonville, FL
5/15/16 Jacksonville celebrates life, legacy of Malcolm X at festival Jacksonville, FL
7/09/16 Jacksonville holds vigil for victims of police crimes Jacksonville, FL
9/01/16 Jacksonville hosts Teamster debate watch Jacksonville, FL
2/10/16 Jacksonville mobilizes for protests against Angela Corey Jacksonville, FL
5/25/16 Jacksonville police murder unarmed young Black man, neighborhood fights back Jacksonville, FL
4/11/16 Jacksonville press conference slams Angela Corey Jacksonville, Fl
3/01/16 Jacksonville protest confronts financial backers of State Attorney Angela Corey Jacksonville, FL
4/28/16 Jacksonville stands strong, demands Angela Corey out now Jacksonville, FL
8/01/16 Jailed PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat joins hunger strike Palestine
5/27/16 Jess Sundin promotes defense of Rasmea Odeh at Left Forum New York, New York
7/03/16 Jose Maria Sison on the implications and consequences of the Brexit Netherlands
3/27/16 Justice for Jamar rally demands prosecution of killer cops Minneapolis, MN