Friday June 9, 2023
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3/01/16 Hundreds march in Edwin Rodriguez’ funeral, chanting ‘the sheriffs are assassins’ Los Angeles, CA
6/15/16 Boyle Heights sends message to Supreme Court: ‘Uphold Deferred Action!’ Los Angeles, CA
11/10/16 LA demands DA Jackie Lacey jail killer cops! Los Angeles, CA
10/08/16 Mother of Jesse Romero demands justice; video exposes LAPD lies Los Angeles, CA
9/02/16 46th Chicano Moratorium demands end to racist police attacks Los Angeles, CA
8/15/16 Police cover up and lie about 14-year-old murdered by LAPD Los Angeles, CA
10/10/16 Pressure builds on Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey - Prosecute killer cops Los Angeles, CA
8/12/16 Boyle Heights demands Justice for Jesse Romero Los Angeles, CA
3/08/16 Chicano youth shot 17 times by LA sheriffs, 10 in the back Los Angeles, CA
1/21/16 Centro CSO stands with Black community at MLK parade in Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
4/29/16 Los Angeles May Day march to take place in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
1/09/16 Zuckerman vs. Hoffa for Teamster Presidency Louisville, KY
4/21/16 Lufkin SDS holds forum for Rasmea Odeh Lufkin, TX
11/18/16 SDS holds ‘Stop Trump’ action at Angelina College Lufkin, TX
4/15/16 Angelina SDS rally and march demands “Education for all!” Lufkin, TX
10/08/16 Texas students at Angelina College rally against police brutality Lufkin, TX
4/01/16 Angelina Texas SDS demands free tuition, no student debt, $15 per hour, and end to U.S. wars Lufkin, TX
9/16/16 Cop harasses students preparing Black Lives Matter rally at Angelina College Lufkin, TX
4/07/16 FRSO holds forum on socialism in Lufkin, TX Lufkin, TX
1/22/16 Wisconsin mobilization against proposed anti-immigrant laws Madison, WI
2/19/16 15,000 rally for immigrant rights at Wisconsin State Capitol Madison, WI
1/11/16 Anti-war activists rally in Miami to close Guantanamo torture prison Miami, FL
11/13/16 Thousands take over streets of Miami to protest Trump Miami, Fl
11/13/16 Thousands take over streets of Miami to protest Trump Miami, FL
8/22/16 Medea Benjamin speaks in south Florida on U.S., Saudi relationship Miami, FL