Friday June 9, 2023
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7/02/16 Houston marks Al Quds Day with protest for Palestinian liberation Houston, TX
9/11/16 Students at University of Houston hold Trump piñata bash Houston, TX
10/02/16 Protest slams armed neo-Nazis in Houston Houston, TX
3/06/16 Talking socialism In Houston, TX Houston, TX
11/01/16 Houston socialists celebrate 99th anniversary of the October Revolution Houston, TX
6/20/16 Protests outside Trump fundraiser in Houston Houston, TX
7/12/16 Protest in Houston against police killings Houston, TX
3/31/16 Forum on Rasmea Odeh held in Houston Houston, TX
7/16/16 The Philippines: Indigenous people vs. multinational mining companies Iligan City, Mindanao
7/20/16 New Philippines President Duterte talks tough, but “He’s not like Donald Trump” Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines
12/28/16 The Trump offensive: Cabinet picks signal major employer offensive against Labor Jacksonvile, FL
6/15/16 Pressure increases in Jacksonville to fire killer cop Jacksonville, FL
1/19/16 The Force Awakens marks a fresh (and progressive) start for the Star Wars series Jacksonville, Fl
8/07/16 Jacksonville activists confront Donald Trump, his racist supporters Jacksonville, FL
4/11/16 Jacksonville press conference slams Angela Corey Jacksonville, Fl
3/01/16 Jacksonville protest confronts financial backers of State Attorney Angela Corey Jacksonville, FL
7/25/16 Terrorist rule of the 1%: Understanding fascism Jacksonville, FL
11/16/16 Teamsters United defeats Hoffa-Hall in South, makes history Jacksonville, FL
7/31/16 Vote NO on Jacksonville's Police-Fire pension sales tax referendum Jacksonville, Fl
12/04/16 Trump picks corporate war criminal 'Mad Dog' Mattis for Secretary of Defense Jacksonville, FL
9/01/16 Jacksonville hosts Teamster debate watch Jacksonville, FL
7/12/16 500 march against racist police crimes in Jacksonville, defy police orders Jacksonville, FL
12/02/16 Militant Teamster reformers come close to beating Hoffa, make historic gains Jacksonville, FL
1/23/16 Racism and cynical politics are the real horror in Eli Roth's The Green Inferno Jacksonville, FL
4/28/16 Jacksonville stands strong, demands Angela Corey out now Jacksonville, FL