Wednesday June 7, 2023
| Last update: Wednesday at 5:02 AM


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5/03/16 100 rally for May Day on steps of Salt Lake City and County Building Salt Lake City, Utah
3/18/16 Protest underway against Trump in Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah
2/29/16 Utah rally demand community control of police Salt Lake City, Utah
9/01/16 Utah SDS rallies in solidarity with Palestine Salt Lake City, UT
3/08/16 Utah FRSO hosts International Women's Day panel Salt Lake City, UT
6/06/16 Salt Lake City activists celebrate with Fight Back! fundraiser Salt Lake City, UT
7/12/16 Utah stands up against police violence, demands community control now Salt Lake City, UT
11/11/16 Utahans protest and march against Trump presidency Salt Lake City, UT
10/08/16 Utah SDS demands education for undocumented students Salt lake City, UT
3/19/16 Salt Lake City protesters clash with police during Utah ‘Dump Trump’ rally Salt Lake City, UT
3/18/16 Thousands at protest against Trump in Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, UT
3/02/16 Salt Lake rallies and marches after police shooting of Abdi Mohamed Salt Lake City, UT
8/02/16 Salt Lake activists educate about rights, push for Community Controlled Police Review Board Salt Lake City, UT
11/12/16 3000 march in Salt Lake City to protest Trump Salt Lake City, UT
1/23/16 Utah SDS crashes regents lunch demanding tuition freeze Salt Lake City, UT
7/12/16 Utah FRSO hosts Marxism-Leninism day school Salt Lake City, UT
9/04/16 University of Utah students demand “Education for all!" Salt Lake City, UT
3/18/16 Thousands at protest against Trump in Salt Lake City Salt Lake City
12/22/16 Twin Cities peace vigil: Stop endless U.S. wars Saint Paul, MN
7/16/16 Protesters demand prosecution of Philando Castile’s killer Saint Paul, MN
8/30/16 Minnesota nurses set to strike Labor Day Saint Paul, MN
5/20/16 Minnesota activists fend off anti-immigrant provisions in REAL ID drivers license bill Saint Paul, MN
7/08/16 5000 march for justice for Philando Castile in Saint Paul Saint Paul, MN
11/04/16 Rally demands ICE release Minnesota 8, stop deportations to Cambodia Saint Paul, MN
1/07/16 Welfare Rights Committee plans occupation at MN Governor’s mansion Saint Paul, MN