Friday June 9, 2023
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11/09/16 Thousands protesting Trump election in Chicago Chicago, IL
11/16/16 Thousands protest Trump in Arizona Tucson, AZ
3/11/16 Thousands protest Trump during Chicago campaign visit Chicago, IL
7/12/16 Thousands protest in Chicago against police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Chicago, IL
6/19/16 Thousands of nurses strike in Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN
11/11/16 Thousands march to reject Trump in Minneapolis, block Interstate 94 Minneapolis, MN
4/18/16 Thousands march on Supreme Court to support DAPA Washington D.C.
11/13/16 Thousands march against Trump in NYC New York, NY
11/15/16 Thousands march against Trump in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
11/10/16 Thousands in LA take the streets to protest Trump Los Angeles, CA
3/18/16 Thousands at protest against Trump in Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, UT
3/18/16 Thousands at protest against Trump in Salt Lake City Salt Lake City
5/27/16 The WFTU supports the struggle of the French working class France
8/05/16 The WFTU in solidarity with the people of Turkey Turkey
7/31/16 The upcoming elections and struggle in Jacksonville Jacksonville, Fl
12/28/16 The Trump offensive: Cabinet picks signal major employer offensive against Labor Jacksonvile, FL
7/16/16 The Philippines: Indigenous people vs. multinational mining companies Iligan City, Mindanao
1/19/16 The Force Awakens marks a fresh (and progressive) start for the Star Wars series Jacksonville, Fl
10/13/16 The Exorcist and the right-wing politics of possession United States
5/25/16 Texas students hold Trump piñata bash on Galveston beach Galveston, TX
2/13/16 Texas students hold Trump piñata bash Arlington, TX
10/08/16 Texas students at Angelina College rally against police brutality Lufkin, TX
7/25/16 Terrorist rule of the 1%: Understanding fascism Jacksonville, FL
10/05/16 Teamsters United rallies members against Hoffa Jr.'s concessions  Chicago, IL
11/16/16 Teamsters United defeats Hoffa-Hall in South, makes history Jacksonville, FL