Tuesday May 17, 2022
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11/27/16 Chicago Black Friday boycott on the Magnificent Mile Chicago, IL
10/06/16 Chicago City Council passes fake police accountability bill Chicago, IL
10/25/16 Chicago marches for community control of police on anniversary of Laquan McDonald killing Chicago, IL
6/07/16 Chicago ordinance would make protesting police abuses a hate crime Chicago, IL
6/23/16 Chicago protest demands community control of the police Chicago, IL
4/13/16 Chicago responds to police killing of Pierre Loury Chicago, IL
9/23/16 Chicago stands with Charlotte uprising Chicago, IL
5/27/16 Chicago students who shut down Trump to march on Cleveland RNC Chicago, IL
4/01/16 Chicago teachers on strike Chicago, IL
2/03/16 Chicago Teachers reject city contract proposal, call for protest Chicago, IL
10/14/16 Chicago teachers sign tentative agreement Chicago, IL
1/20/16 Chicago Teachers Union honors Rev. Sekou of Ferguson, Sekou honors Rasmea Odeh Chicago, IL
3/22/16 Chicago Teachers Union plans one-day strike Chicago, IL
10/05/16 Chicago Teachers Union prepared to strike again Chicago, IL
4/02/16 Chicago Teachers Union strike slams cuts Chicago, IL
11/20/16 Chicago: 25th Annual People’s Thanksgiving Chicago, IL
5/08/16 Chicano students tell Hillary Clinton to get out of East LA Los Angeles, CA
3/08/16 Chicano youth shot 17 times by LA sheriffs, 10 in the back Los Angeles, CA
6/17/16 China condemns President Obama’s meeting with Dalai Lama Washington DC
11/27/16 Chinese communists mourn passing of Fidel Castro China
7/03/16 City denies permits for ‘Stop Trump’ protest at the RNC Cleveland, OH
9/07/16 Class struggle on Harvard campus: Dining workers announce strike vote Cambridge, MA
4/10/16 Colombian labor leader inspires solidarity in Miami Miami, FL
3/30/16 Colombian labor union solidarity with Chicago teachers and students Colombia
4/10/16 Colombian union leader Nidia Quintero speaks in Chicago Chicago, IL