Friday June 2, 2023
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7/12/16 British workers’ vote to exit EU creates instability for imperialists in EU and U.K. Washington D.C.
7/09/16 DC protest demands justice for Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Washington D.C.
4/21/16 Verizon strikers picket in Washington DC Washington D.C.
6/07/16 Verizon workers defeat worst of bosses’ demands after 44-day strike Washington D.C.
6/25/16 British workers revolt against EU austerity, vote for Brexit Washington D.C.
2/23/16 U.S. State Department hails rise of fascism in Ukraine Washington D.C.
6/12/16 French ruling class welcomes Euro 2016 visitors with piles of stinking trash Washington D.C.
5/09/16 AFSCME and SEIU to consolidate efforts in face of anti-labor attacks Washington D.C.
4/18/16 Thousands march on Supreme Court to support DAPA Washington D.C.
7/20/16 DC Black Lives Matter shuts down headquarters of Fraternal Order of Police Washington DC
6/17/16 China condemns President Obama’s meeting with Dalai Lama Washington DC
12/13/16 Call the White House Dec. 14, Free Simon Trinidad! Washington, D.C.
5/30/16 French workers strike against austerity Washington, D.C.
5/17/16 Instability confronting Bolivarian Venezuela and the road ahead Washington, DC
11/09/16 Israeli air attack on Syria Washington, DC
5/07/16 Yemen’s Revolutionary Committee vows U.S./Saudi occupation “will be met with resistance” Washington, DC
12/14/16 Milwaukee protests Trump ‘Thank you tour’ West Allis, WI
8/17/16 Protests denounce Trump and Pence in Wisconsin West Bend, WI
10/24/16 Pennsylvania faculty strike wins new contract, solidarity at all time high! West Chester, PA
4/26/16 Students protest Trump at West Chester University West Chester, PA
10/20/16 Faculty strike shakes Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education West Chester, PA