Monday September 26, 2022
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2/23/16 U.S. State Department hails rise of fascism in Ukraine Washington D.C.
2/20/16 University of Houston students hold Trump piñata bash Houston, TX
2/29/16 University of MN told to divest from Israeli apartheid Minneapolis, MN
9/04/16 University of Utah students demand “Education for all!" Salt Lake City, UT
4/04/16 UPenn students shut down ex-CIA Director Brennan Philadelphia, PA
8/09/16 UPS warehouse workers fight the heat Los Angeles, CA
9/29/16 USF students protest “alt-right” journalist Milo Yiannopoulos Tampa, Fl
3/08/16 Utah FRSO hosts International Women's Day panel Salt Lake City, UT
7/12/16 Utah FRSO hosts Marxism-Leninism day school Salt Lake City, UT
2/29/16 Utah rally demand community control of police Salt Lake City, Utah
1/23/16 Utah SDS crashes regents lunch demanding tuition freeze Salt Lake City, UT
10/08/16 Utah SDS demands education for undocumented students Salt lake City, UT
9/01/16 Utah SDS rallies in solidarity with Palestine Salt Lake City, UT
7/12/16 Utah stands up against police violence, demands community control now Salt Lake City, UT
11/11/16 Utahans protest and march against Trump presidency Salt Lake City, UT
2/12/16 Valentine’s call-in day to President Obama United States
10/29/16 Venezuela: The Bolivarian Revolution’s fight for people’s power Tucson, AZ
8/22/16 Venezuelan consul speaks out against U.S. intervention Minneapolis, MN
7/07/16 Venezuelan independence celebrated in Chicago Chicago, IL
4/21/16 Verizon strikers picket in Washington DC Washington D.C.
6/07/16 Verizon workers defeat worst of bosses’ demands after 44-day strike Washington D.C.
4/12/16 Verizon workers ready to strike Minneapolis, MN
7/31/16 Vote NO on Jacksonville's Police-Fire pension sales tax referendum Jacksonville, Fl
9/19/16 WAMM on picket lines with striking nurses Minneapolis, MN
1/07/16 Welfare Rights Committee plans occupation at MN Governor’s mansion Saint Paul, MN