Sunday April 2, 2023
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7/12/16 Thousands protest in Chicago against police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Chicago, IL
2/06/16 5000 march to oppose layoffs in Chicago Public Schools Chicago, IL
1/03/16 Interview with traveler to Cuba: ‘It was like no other place we’ve ever been’ Chicago, IL
2/26/16 Peace activists announce win as SEC tells Boeing to allow resolution at stockholders’ meeting Chicago, IL
4/21/16 All out for Detroit: Rasmea's supporters to mobilize for status hearing June 13 Chicago, IL
11/20/16 Chicago: 25th Annual People’s Thanksgiving Chicago, IL
3/22/16 Chicago Teachers Union plans one-day strike Chicago, IL
6/27/16 Film review: The Free State of Jones Chicago, IL
10/06/16 Chicago City Council passes fake police accountability bill Chicago, IL
10/05/16 Chicago Teachers Union prepared to strike again Chicago, IL
4/13/16 Chicago responds to police killing of Pierre Loury Chicago, IL
7/07/16 Venezuelan independence celebrated in Chicago Chicago, IL
3/01/16 Kait McIntyre speaks on victory over Boeing Chicag, Il
3/07/16 North Carolina students demand justice for Akiel Denkins and Malcolm Elliott Charlotte, NC
9/23/16 Charlotte uprising demands justice for Keith Lamont Scott Charlotte, NC
11/06/16 Protests growing against the Dakota Access Pipeline Canon Ball, ND
12/04/16 A Victory at Standing Rock Canon Ball, ND
8/27/16 Sacred Stone Spirit resistance camp Cannon Ball, ND
9/10/16 National Guard activated to oppose protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline Cannon Ball, ND
10/28/16 Steve and Rhiannon Moon: Voices from the frontlines of resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline Cannon Ball, ND
11/06/16 Support Native peoples in their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)! Cannon Ball, ND
10/25/16 Harvard strike escalates as students occupy negotiations office Cambridge, MA
4/17/16 Harvard food service workers launch contract fight Cambridge, MA
9/07/16 Class struggle on Harvard campus: Dining workers announce strike vote Cambridge, MA
10/26/16 Huge victory in Harvard dining hall workers strike Cambridge, MA