Wednesday February 8, 2023
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3/16/16 Progressives tell President Obama to end blockade/embargo on Cuba, return Guantanamo Cuba
1/24/16 Message from Hubert Ballesteros, Colombian unionist and political prisoner, to North American labor and solidarity activists Colombia
3/30/16 Colombian labor union solidarity with Chicago teachers and students Colombia
1/26/16 Celebrations as Colombian political prisoner Lily Obando officially released Colombia
12/07/16 1000-plus Texas A&M students protest white supremacist Richard Spencer College Station, TX
7/03/16 City denies permits for ‘Stop Trump’ protest at the RNC Cleveland, OH
7/10/16 Emergency Call-in Day to demand permits for ‘Stop Trump’ march at RNC Cleveland, OH
6/23/16 RNC protest organizers meet with Cleveland city officials, press demand for permits to march against Trump Cleveland, OH
5/16/16 Nationwide support for “Dump Trump” rally and march on first day of RNC Cleveland, OH
7/12/16 Organizers of ‘Stop Trump’ coalition reach agreement with City for protest on opening day of RNC Cleveland, OH
7/23/16 Speech by FRSO leader Fernando Figueroa at ‘Stop Trump’ rally Cleveland, OH
7/11/16 Appeal of decision to deny permits for ‘Stop Trump’ march set for July 11, at Cleveland City Hall Cleveland, OH
7/06/16 Organizers of ‘Stop Trump’ protest appeal City decision to deny permits for march on RNC Cleveland, OH
7/03/16 Emergency call-in day to demand permits for ‘Stop Trump’ rally at RNC Cleveland, OH
7/01/16 Protest organizers demand Cleveland officials to issue permits to march on the RNC Cleveland, OH
7/21/16 Rasmea Odeh message to ‘Stop Trump’ protest at RNC Cleveland, OH
7/18/16 Mass protest against Trump and Republican racist agenda hits RNC in Cleveland Cleveland, OH
11/27/16 Chinese communists mourn passing of Fidel Castro China
3/10/16 Rasmea Odeh’s International Women’s Day speech Chicao, IL
6/02/16 An open letter to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual Chicao, IL
5/03/16 International Workers Day march in Chicago Chicao, IL
4/01/16 Chicago teachers on strike Chicago, IL
3/11/16 Trump chickens out in Chicago, cancels campaign event Chicago, IL
5/09/16 Rice, not bullets! Indigenous activists from the Philippines tour U.S. Chicago, IL
10/05/16 Teamsters United rallies members against Hoffa Jr.'s concessions  Chicago, IL