Thursday December 1, 2022
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10/29/16 Venezuela: The Bolivarian Revolution’s fight for people’s power Tucson, AZ
10/31/16 Massive protest slams Hennepin County Sherriff deployment to Standing Rock Minneapolis, MN
11/01/16 Houston socialists celebrate 99th anniversary of the October Revolution Houston, TX
11/02/16 Forward with the Colombian peace process! Free Simon Trinidad! Grand Rapids, MI
11/04/16 All out for Rasmea's Nov. 29 federal court hearing in Detroit Detroit, MI
11/04/16 Rally demands ICE release Minnesota 8, stop deportations to Cambodia Saint Paul, MN
11/06/16 Protests growing against the Dakota Access Pipeline Canon Ball, ND
11/06/16 Support Native peoples in their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)! Cannon Ball, ND
11/07/16 Houston activists protest police brutality, confront racists Houston, TX
11/08/16 Minneapolis event highlights revolutionary movement in the Philippines Minneapolis, MN
11/09/16 Israeli air attack on Syria Washington, DC
11/09/16 Thousands protesting Trump election in Chicago Chicago, IL
11/09/16 FRSO leader speaks on election outcome, urges building a mass movement to fight Trump Minneapolis, MN
11/10/16 Minnesota says no to foreign policy of incoming Trump administration St. Paul, MN
11/10/16 Minnesota stands strong in the struggle against Trump St. Paul, MN
11/10/16 LA demands DA Jackie Lacey jail killer cops! Los Angeles, CA
11/10/16 Thousands in LA take the streets to protest Trump Los Angeles, CA
11/11/16 Asheville, NC holds vigil against Trump Asheville, NC
11/11/16 Utahans protest and march against Trump presidency Salt Lake City, UT
11/11/16 Thousands march to reject Trump in Minneapolis, block Interstate 94 Minneapolis, MN
11/12/16 Florida State University students protest Trump in the streets of Tallahassee Tallahassee, FL
11/12/16 Hundreds protest against Trump in Houston, 5 jailed Houston, TX
11/12/16 3000 march in Salt Lake City to protest Trump Salt Lake City, UT
11/13/16 Thousands march against Trump in NYC New York, NY
11/13/16 Harvard students demand "Justice for Rasmea! Cambridge, MA