Sunday April 2, 2023
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7/12/16 500 march against racist police crimes in Jacksonville, defy police orders Jacksonville, FL
12/02/16 Militant Teamster reformers come close to beating Hoffa, make historic gains Jacksonville, FL
1/23/16 Racism and cynical politics are the real horror in Eli Roth's The Green Inferno Jacksonville, FL
7/31/16 The upcoming elections and struggle in Jacksonville Jacksonville, Fl
4/28/16 Jacksonville stands strong, demands Angela Corey out now Jacksonville, FL
5/25/16 Jacksonville police murder unarmed young Black man, neighborhood fights back Jacksonville, FL
7/09/16 Jacksonville holds vigil for victims of police crimes Jacksonville, FL
5/15/16 Jacksonville celebrates life, legacy of Malcolm X at festival Jacksonville, FL
12/29/16 Top 10 films of 2016 Jacksonville, FL
2/10/16 Jacksonville mobilizes for protests against Angela Corey Jacksonville, FL
12/28/16 The Trump offensive: Cabinet picks signal major employer offensive against Labor Jacksonvile, FL
7/20/16 New Philippines President Duterte talks tough, but “He’s not like Donald Trump” Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines
7/16/16 The Philippines: Indigenous people vs. multinational mining companies Iligan City, Mindanao
3/13/16 International Women's Day march in Houston Houston, TX
5/05/16 International Workers Day march in Houston, TX Houston, TX
8/02/16 Houston commemoration of Hugo Chavez Houston, TX
11/12/16 Hundreds protest against Trump in Houston, 5 jailed Houston, TX
2/26/16 Hundreds of students march against Trump and the Houston GOP debate Houston, TX
3/28/16 Houston students prepare for Rasmea Odeh events Houston, TX
5/22/16 Scores rally against Islamophobia in Houston Texas Houston, TX
6/11/16 Students prepare protests against Trump in Houston Houston, TX
2/10/16 SDS calls to ‘Dump Trump!’ at University of Houston, students oppose Republican debate Houston, TX
9/25/16 Black Lives Matter protest in Houston's Third Ward Houston, TX
2/20/16 University of Houston students hold Trump piñata bash Houston, TX
9/20/16 Students and socialists protest Trump at Omni Hotel in Houston Houston, TX