Sunday April 2, 2023
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9/11/16 Picket lines strong as first week of Minnesota Nurses strike ends Minneapolis, MN
9/13/16 March in Minneapolis on anniversary of the Attica prison uprising Minneapolis, MN
9/14/16 Asheville, NC meets Trump with protests Asheville, NC
9/14/16 Women Against Military Madness stands with striking nurses Minneapolis, MN
9/16/16 Cop harasses students preparing Black Lives Matter rally at Angelina College Lufkin, TX
9/16/16 Minneapolis rally to stop deportation of Cambodian refugees Minneapolis, MN
9/16/16 Standing Rock standoff sparks solidarity in Colorado Denver, CO
9/17/16 Houston students protest police brutality Houston, TX
9/18/16 Minneapolis marches against Islamophobia Minneapolis, MN
9/19/16 WAMM on picket lines with striking nurses Minneapolis, MN
9/20/16 A Blatant Act of US Aggression Against Syria and Syrian People Syria
9/20/16 New York activists protest the Jewish National Fund’s support for Israel New York, NY
9/20/16 Students and socialists protest Trump at Omni Hotel in Houston Houston, TX
9/22/16 FRSO: Police killings must stop, fight for community control of police San Jose, CA
9/23/16 Charlotte uprising demands justice for Keith Lamont Scott Charlotte, NC
9/23/16 Chicago stands with Charlotte uprising Chicago, IL
9/23/16 Arlington students march against police killings Arlington, TX
9/25/16 Black Lives Matter protest in Houston's Third Ward Houston, TX
9/25/16 Florida State students protest far-right bigot Milo Yiannopoulos Tallahassee, FL
9/25/16 Hundreds of AFSCME members join striking nurses’ picket lines Minneapolis, MN
9/25/16 Women Against Military Madness continues to stand with striking nurses Minneapolis, MN
9/27/16 New York activists celebrate Leonard Peltier’s birthday New York, NY
9/28/16 Nurses rally at General Mills shareholder meeting Minneapolis, MN
9/29/16 USF students protest “alt-right” journalist Milo Yiannopoulos Tampa, Fl
9/29/16 World Federation of Trade Unions prepares for 17th Congress in South Africa Durban, South Africa