Monday May 29, 2023
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Publishedsort icon Title Location
8/02/16 Salt Lake activists educate about rights, push for Community Controlled Police Review Board Salt Lake City, UT
8/02/16 Minnesota nurses to vote on contract offer, strike authorization Minneapolis, MN
8/02/16 Leader of labor movement in Philippines interviewed Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines
8/02/16 Tucson protest says, ‘Hey, hey let’s be clear, Mike Pence is not welcome here!’ Tucson, AZ
8/03/16 Reports say Syrians killed in poison gas attack Washington D.C.
8/04/16 SEIU Local 73 placed under trusteeship Chicago, IL
8/05/16 Prosecutors launch new legal attack on Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh Detroit, MI
8/05/16 The WFTU in solidarity with the people of Turkey Turkey
8/07/16 Minnesota says ‘No to endless U.S. wars’ Minneapolis, MN
8/07/16 Jacksonville activists confront Donald Trump, his racist supporters Jacksonville, FL
8/09/16 PFLP: We will continue to pound on the walls until victory and freedom Palestine
8/09/16 UPS warehouse workers fight the heat Los Angeles, CA
8/12/16 Boyle Heights demands Justice for Jesse Romero Los Angeles, CA
8/12/16 Protest planned at Trump’s Minnesota fundraising visit Minneapolis, MN
8/12/16 Celebrate Fidel Castro’s 90th birthday by reading some Castro Cuba
8/14/16 Police killing sparks rebellion in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
8/15/16 Milwaukee protests against police killing continue for second day Milwaukee, WI
8/15/16 Police cover up and lie about 14-year-old murdered by LAPD Los Angeles, CA
8/15/16 Milwaukee mayor tries to stop protests with curfew, militarized police Milwaukee, WI
8/16/16 WFTU in Solidarity with RMT and railway workers in Southern Rail United Kingdom
8/17/16 Protests denounce Trump and Pence in Wisconsin West Bend, WI
8/18/16 New Trump campaign boss is longtime red baiter Minneapolis, MN
8/20/16 NYC protest stands in solidarity with Palestinian hunger striker Bilal Kayed New York, NY
8/22/16 Medea Benjamin speaks in south Florida on U.S., Saudi relationship Miami, FL
8/22/16 Venezuelan consul speaks out against U.S. intervention Minneapolis, MN