Monday September 26, 2022
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1/02/16 Minneapolis NAACP blasts Mall of America after assault by security guards on 14-year-old Black girl Minneapolis, MN
9/18/16 Minneapolis marches against Islamophobia Minneapolis, MN
1/27/16 Minneapolis march demands justice for 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa, México Minneapolis, MN
2/07/16 Minneapolis Jamar Clark benefit show to raise funds for burial, ongoing organizing Minneapolis, MN
4/27/16 Minneapolis International Workers Day march set for April 29 Minneapolis, MN
11/14/16 Minneapolis hits the streets to remember Jamar Clark, and keep fighting for justice Minneapolis, MN
2/14/16 Minneapolis Fight Back! fundraising event a success Minneapolis, MN
11/08/16 Minneapolis event highlights revolutionary movement in the Philippines Minneapolis, MN
3/25/16 Minneapolis community leaders blast police chief for threats against Justice for Jamar protests Minneapolis, MN
2/06/16 Milwaukee students oppose cuts; seize stage at UW-M chancellors speech Milwaukee, WI
4/09/16 Milwaukee pushes for DAPA/DACA+ implementation Milwaukee, WI
12/14/16 Milwaukee protests Trump ‘Thank you tour’ West Allis, WI
8/15/16 Milwaukee protests against police killing continue for second day Milwaukee, WI
3/29/16 Milwaukee protest slams Trump, Cruz as Republican Town Hall begins Milwaukee, WI
8/15/16 Milwaukee mayor tries to stop protests with curfew, militarized police Milwaukee, WI
3/27/16 Milwaukee activists preparing Dump Trump protest at Republican candidate event Milwaukee, WI
12/02/16 Militant Teamster reformers come close to beating Hoffa, make historic gains Jacksonville, FL
5/02/16 Militant march on May Day in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
1/02/16 Middle income is not ‘middle class’ San Jose, CA
3/28/16 Mexico deports leader of Young Communists of Colombia Denver, CO
1/24/16 Message from Hubert Ballesteros, Colombian unionist and political prisoner, to North American labor and solidarity activists Colombia
8/22/16 Medea Benjamin speaks in south Florida on U.S., Saudi relationship Miami, FL
3/24/16 MEChA National Conference unites for future fights Tucson, AZ
5/05/16 May Day fundraiser for Fight Back! held in Tampa Tampa, FL
3/09/16 Massive protest to confront Trump during Chicago campaign visit Chicago, IL