Friday March 24, 2023
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9/04/16 Minnesota nurses rally as strike approaches Minneapolis, MN
4/04/16 Successful fundraiser builds support for Minneapolis International Workers Day march Minneapolis, MN
12/30/16 Poor people to hold ‘Day of Reckoning’ protest on opening day of MN legislature Minneapolis, MN
2/27/16 Minneapolis protesters return to county attorney’s office to get justice for Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
11/24/16 Minneapolis takes to the streets to oppose Trump’s attacks on immigrants and refugees Minneapolis, MN
10/24/16 Fight for Jamar Clark continues Minneapolis, MN
5/11/16 Anti-war leaders speak out against FBI entrapment of Somali youth, protest planned Minneapolis, MN
1/23/16 Twin Cities MLK Day actions demand justice for victims of police killings Minneapolis, MN
8/12/16 Protest planned at Trump’s Minnesota fundraising visit Minneapolis, MN
3/23/16 National call-in day demands prosecution of the police that killed Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
10/05/16 Minneapolis protest Oct. 8 to say: Stop endless U.S. wars! Minneapolis, MN
8/07/16 Minnesota says ‘No to endless U.S. wars’ Minneapolis, MN
9/08/16 Anti-war activists stand with striking Minnesota nurses Minneapolis, MN
2/07/16 Minneapolis Jamar Clark benefit show to raise funds for burial, ongoing organizing Minneapolis, MN
5/03/16 Anti-War Committee opposes repression against Somali community Minneapolis, MN
1/14/16 No criminal charges for protesters who disrupted Israeli apologist’s U of M speech Minneapolis, MN
6/03/16 Feds cover up police killing of Jamar Clark, community renews fight for justice Minneapolis, MN
11/14/16 Minneapolis hits the streets to remember Jamar Clark, and keep fighting for justice Minneapolis, MN
9/05/16 Burhan Mohumed speaks out against government repression of Somali community Minneapolis, MN
3/16/16 White supremacist who shot Minneapolis protesters makes court appearance Minneapolis, MN
8/25/16 Minnesota confronts Trump Minneapolis, MN
6/18/16 25th anniversary of AFSCME 3800 celebrated Minneapolis, MN
8/02/16 As U.S. launches airstrikes in Libya, Aug. 6 protest to say ‘No to Endless War’ Minneapolis, MN
1/06/16 Supreme Court to hear anti-union Friederichs v. California Teachers Association case Jan 11 Minneapolis, MN
8/23/16 Protest slams 20 years of Clinton’s welfare ‘reform’ Minneapolis, MN