Tuesday December 7, 2021
| Last update: Monday at 8:25 PM


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7/12/16 Utah FRSO hosts Marxism-Leninism day school Salt Lake City, UT
7/12/16 Utah stands up against police violence, demands community control now Salt Lake City, UT
7/12/16 Thousands protest in Chicago against police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Chicago, IL
7/12/16 Protests continue in DC against police killings Washington D.C.
7/12/16 Organizers of ‘Stop Trump’ coalition reach agreement with City for protest on opening day of RNC Cleveland, OH
7/12/16 Protest in Houston against police killings Houston, TX
7/12/16 Tampa rallies for Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Tampa, FL
7/11/16 Appeal of decision to deny permits for ‘Stop Trump’ march set for July 11, at Cleveland City Hall Cleveland, OH
7/10/16 Emergency Call-in Day to demand permits for ‘Stop Trump’ march at RNC Cleveland, OH
7/10/16 PFLP: Baghdad massacre requires unity to defeat forces of destruction and oppression Palestine
7/10/16 Hundreds block Minneapolis streets and sit in outside Basilica Block Party demanding justice for Philando Castile Minneapolis, MN
7/09/16 DC protest demands justice for Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Washington D.C.
7/09/16 Jacksonville holds vigil for victims of police crimes Jacksonville, FL
7/08/16 New York protest shuts down Fifth Avenue for Black Men murdered by police New York, NY
7/08/16 5000 march for justice for Philando Castile in Saint Paul Saint Paul, MN
7/07/16 Hundreds protest police murder at MN governor's mansion Minneapolis, MN
7/07/16 Attempt by Chicago politicians to avoid community control of police slammed Chicago, IL
7/07/16 Venezuelan independence celebrated in Chicago Chicago, IL
7/07/16 Lawsuit filed in LA Sheriffs killing of Edwin Rodriguez Los Angeles, CA
7/06/16 Organizers of ‘Stop Trump’ protest appeal City decision to deny permits for march on RNC Cleveland, OH
7/05/16 FBI attempts to question LA activist Los Angeles, CA
7/05/16 Swedish communists hail Brexit, call for Svexit Sweden
7/03/16 City denies permits for ‘Stop Trump’ protest at the RNC Cleveland, OH
7/03/16 Jose Maria Sison on the implications and consequences of the Brexit Netherlands
7/03/16 Emergency call-in day to demand permits for ‘Stop Trump’ rally at RNC Cleveland, OH