Saturday October 1, 2022
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5/07/16 Immigrant rights group announces support for anti-Trump march at RNC Los Angeles, CA
2/24/16 Immigrant rights activists protest Marco Rubio in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
1/19/16 Illinois governor breaks off contract negotiations with AFSCME Chicago, IL
1/27/16 If We Want to Save the Earth—An Internationalist Declaration United States
4/16/16 If the fulcrum breaks: Donald Trump and the standard narrative Minneapolis, MN
3/12/16 Hundreds protest Trump at Miami Republican debate Miami, FL
7/07/16 Hundreds protest police murder at MN governor's mansion Minneapolis, MN
10/12/16 Hundreds protest immigration prisons and militarized border in Arizona Tucson, AZ
2/14/16 Hundreds protest at Democratic debates Milwaukee, WI
11/12/16 Hundreds protest against Trump in Houston, 5 jailed Houston, TX
2/26/16 Hundreds of students march against Trump and the Houston GOP debate Houston, TX
1/20/16 Hundreds of Minneapolis high school students walk out to protest ICE raids and deportations Minneapolis, MN
9/25/16 Hundreds of AFSCME members join striking nurses’ picket lines Minneapolis, MN
10/01/16 Hundreds march on Allina Headquarters in support of striking nurses Minneapolis, MN
3/01/16 Hundreds march in Edwin Rodriguez’ funeral, chanting ‘the sheriffs are assassins’ Los Angeles, CA
2/01/16 Hundreds march in Austin for Black Lives Matter Austin, TX
5/02/16 Hundreds march for International Workers Day in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
7/12/16 Hundreds march against police killings in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
11/13/16 Hundreds in Tucson reject Donald Trump Tucson, AZ
7/10/16 Hundreds block Minneapolis streets and sit in outside Basilica Block Party demanding justice for Philando Castile Minneapolis, MN
11/21/16 Hundreds attend Milwaukee meeting to organize against Trump Milwaukee, WI
10/26/16 Huge victory in Harvard dining hall workers strike Cambridge, MA
3/13/16 How students in Chicago organized to shut down Trump Chicago, IL
11/28/16 Houstonians demand justice for Rasmea Odeh Houston, TX
9/17/16 Houston students protest police brutality Houston, TX