Saturday April 1, 2023
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3/08/16 Welfare Rights Committee protest at opening day of 2016 Minnesota legislative session St. Paul, MN
1/15/16 Welfare Rights urges MN lawmakers to provide aid to all in need Minneapolis, MN
8/16/16 WFTU in Solidarity with RMT and railway workers in Southern Rail United Kingdom
11/24/16 WFTU in Solidarity with SAG-AFTRA Union United States
10/15/16 WFTU solidarity message to Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra musicians United States
4/15/16 WFTU stands with striking Verizon workers United States
1/04/16 WFTU: More than 100 people dead in another employers’ crime in Nigeria Nigeria
3/16/16 White supremacist who shot Minneapolis protesters makes court appearance Minneapolis, MN
4/09/16 Wisconsin judge rules ‘Right To Work’ law unconstitutional Milwaukee, WI
1/22/16 Wisconsin mobilization against proposed anti-immigrant laws Madison, WI
9/25/16 Women Against Military Madness continues to stand with striking nurses Minneapolis, MN
9/14/16 Women Against Military Madness stands with striking nurses Minneapolis, MN
3/14/16 Workers organize union in face of intense opposition at Minnesota nursing home St. Louis Park, MN
10/06/16 World Federation of Trade Unions 17th Congress underway in South Africa Durban, South Africa
9/29/16 World Federation of Trade Unions prepares for 17th Congress in South Africa Durban, South Africa
5/07/16 Yemen’s Revolutionary Committee vows U.S./Saudi occupation “will be met with resistance” Washington, DC
1/09/16 Zuckerman vs. Hoffa for Teamster Presidency Louisville, KY
11/27/16 ¡Fidel Castro presente! Cuba
3/04/16 ‘State of Our Unions’ event held in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
2/20/16 ‘Wartime Hysteria’ theme of San José’s 36th Annual Day of Remembrance San José, CA
11/14/16 “Driven to Disparities” teach-in at U of MN rallies students in aftermath of Trump’s election Minneapolis, MN