Tuesday December 6, 2022
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12/09/16 National SDS Call to Action: Student Walk-Outs on January 20 Inauguration Day United States
5/16/16 Nationwide support for “Dump Trump” rally and march on first day of RNC Cleveland, OH
7/20/16 New Philippines President Duterte talks tough, but “He’s not like Donald Trump” Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines
12/11/16 New trial for Rasmea Odeh set for Jan. 10 Minneapolis, MN
8/18/16 New Trump campaign boss is longtime red baiter Minneapolis, MN
9/27/16 New York activists celebrate Leonard Peltier’s birthday New York, NY
8/24/16 New York activists continue to fight to free Bilal Kayed New York, NY
9/20/16 New York activists protest the Jewish National Fund’s support for Israel New York, NY
10/25/16 New York activists stand in solidarity with Georges Abdallah New York, NY
12/03/16 New York event blasts ongoing U.S. war on Syria New York, NY
12/14/16 New York protest demands peace and justice in the Philippines New York, NY
3/14/16 New York protest demands ‘End to the wars at home and abroad!’ New York, NY
7/08/16 New York protest shuts down Fifth Avenue for Black Men murdered by police New York, NY
6/26/16 New York rallies for murdered Oaxaca teachers New York, NY
6/11/16 New York rally and march demands ‘Justice for Rasmea’ New York, New York
11/28/16 New York stands in solidarity with Rasmea Odeh! New York, NY
11/18/16 New York stands with Standing Rock New York, NY
6/13/16 New York vigil for LGBTQ people murdered in Orlando New York, NY
8/24/16 No agreement in talks between nurses and Allina Health St. Paul, MN
3/30/16 No charges filed against killer cops who murdered Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
1/14/16 No criminal charges for protesters who disrupted Israeli apologist’s U of M speech Minneapolis, MN
3/16/16 No grand jury decision is step towards victory in fight for justice for Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
4/08/16 Norovirus hits dorms, U of MN policy punishes workers who call in sick Minneapolis, MN
5/15/16 North Carolina protests against HB2 Asheville, NC
3/07/16 North Carolina students demand justice for Akiel Denkins and Malcolm Elliott Charlotte, NC