Saturday March 25, 2023
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4/28/16 Jacksonville stands strong, demands Angela Corey out now Jacksonville, FL
7/09/16 Jacksonville holds vigil for victims of police crimes Jacksonville, FL
12/29/16 Top 10 films of 2016 Jacksonville, FL
5/15/16 Jacksonville celebrates life, legacy of Malcolm X at festival Jacksonville, FL
5/25/16 Jacksonville police murder unarmed young Black man, neighborhood fights back Jacksonville, FL
2/10/16 Jacksonville mobilizes for protests against Angela Corey Jacksonville, FL
6/29/16 Hoffa delegates show true colors at day 2 of Teamster Convention Las Vegas, NV
6/28/16 Teamster convention opens in Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV
1/05/16 Lebanese resistance hits Israeli military Lebanon
3/09/16 LA International Women’s Day event demands ‘Legalize my mom!’ Los Angeles, CA
1/22/16 LA’s Centro CSO starts 2016 fighting for Deferred Action for all! Los Angeles, CA
9/02/16 46th Chicano Moratorium demands end to racist police attacks Los Angeles, CA
7/05/16 FBI attempts to question LA activist Los Angeles, CA
2/21/16 Angry family, friends and supporters demand justice for Edwin Rodriguez Los Angeles, CA
11/10/16 Thousands in LA take the streets to protest Trump Los Angeles, CA
2/19/16 East Los Angeles sheriffs murder young Chicano father Los Angeles, CA
4/18/16 Immigrant rights leader demands Supreme Court uphold Deferred Action Los Angeles, CA
7/21/16 LAPD run out of Chicano neighborhood Los Angeles, CA
5/07/16 Immigrant rights group announces support for anti-Trump march at RNC Los Angeles, CA
8/09/16 UPS warehouse workers fight the heat Los Angeles, CA
11/15/16 East Los Angeles Chicano student walkout of high schools protesting Trump Los Angeles, CA
5/02/16 Militant march on May Day in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
7/07/16 Lawsuit filed in LA Sheriffs killing of Edwin Rodriguez Los Angeles, CA
5/08/16 Chicano students tell Hillary Clinton to get out of East LA Los Angeles, CA
2/11/16 LAPD kills teenager in Boyle Heights, CA Los Angeles, CA