Saturday October 1, 2022
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3/12/16 Tucson celebrates International Women’s Day Tucson, AZ
3/19/16 Protesters gather at Tucson Trump rally Tucson, AZ
10/04/16 Cultura Nights brings Tucson together for immigrant rights Tucson, AZ
10/12/16 Tucson anti-war activists demand: ‘Ground the drones!’ Tucson, AZ
8/02/16 Tucson protest says, ‘Hey, hey let’s be clear, Mike Pence is not welcome here!’ Tucson, AZ
3/24/16 MEChA National Conference unites for future fights Tucson, AZ
10/29/16 Venezuela: The Bolivarian Revolution’s fight for people’s power Tucson, AZ
10/25/16 Tucson demands: Hands off Syria! Tucson, AZ
10/12/16 Hundreds protest immigration prisons and militarized border in Arizona Tucson, AZ
11/16/16 Thousands protest Trump in Arizona Tucson, AZ
3/19/16 Protesters enter Tucson Trump rally Tucson, AZ
3/17/16 Tucson prepares for MEChA conference Tucson, AZ
11/13/16 Hundreds in Tucson reject Donald Trump Tucson, AZ
7/21/16 Communist Party, Turkey, statement on the military coup in Turkey Turkey
8/05/16 The WFTU in solidarity with the people of Turkey Turkey
8/16/16 WFTU in Solidarity with RMT and railway workers in Southern Rail United Kingdom
12/31/16 2016: Music inspired by the struggle United States
10/13/16 The Exorcist and the right-wing politics of possession United States
12/29/16 Happy Holidays from Rasmea and her Defense Committee United States
1/01/16 Iran vows response to U.S. sanctions United States
2/12/16 Valentine’s call-in day to President Obama United States
3/05/16 Celebrate International Women's Day 2016 United States
7/30/16 Happy birthday to Colombian revolutionary Ricardo Palmera (Simon Trinidad) United States
12/26/16 Read some Mao on Mao’s birthday United States
1/23/16 Rasmea Defense Committee announces social media campaign United States