Tuesday March 28, 2023
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6/13/16 New York vigil for LGBTQ people murdered in Orlando New York, NY
6/26/16 New York rallies for murdered Oaxaca teachers New York, NY
10/03/16 Prosecutors in Rasmea Odeh case launch further attacks New York, NY
11/13/16 Thousands march against Trump in NYC New York, NY
11/28/16 New York stands in solidarity with Rasmea Odeh! New York, NY
11/18/16 New York stands with Standing Rock New York, NY
4/13/16 Day one of Verizon strike New York, NY
9/27/16 New York activists celebrate Leonard Peltier’s birthday New York, NY
12/03/16 New York event blasts ongoing U.S. war on Syria New York, NY
8/24/16 New York activists continue to fight to free Bilal Kayed New York, NY
8/20/16 NYC protest stands in solidarity with Palestinian hunger striker Bilal Kayed New York, NY
9/20/16 New York activists protest the Jewish National Fund’s support for Israel New York, NY
12/14/16 New York protest demands peace and justice in the Philippines New York, NY
5/02/16 NYC May Day march for workers and immigrant rights New York, NY
1/04/16 WFTU: More than 100 people dead in another employers’ crime in Nigeria Nigeria
7/27/16 Protest against police shooting of healthcare worker helping autistic man North Miami, Fl
10/29/16 PFLP salutes Native and Indigenous struggle at Standing Rock #NoDAPL Palestine
6/15/16 PFLP denounces election of “Israel” to presidency of UN Legal Committee Palestine
8/23/16 PFLP calls for urgent international mobilization for Comrade Bilal Kayed Palestine
10/10/16 PFLP denounces US-backed Saudi attack and massacres against Yemen Palestine
4/03/16 Land Day in Palestine Palestine
4/13/16 PFLP marches in Gaza: The Front is not for sale! Palestine
5/19/16 Palestinians confront ongoing Nakba, continue struggle for liberation of all of Palestine Palestine
11/26/16 PFLP mourns and salutes Comrade Fidel Castro, a revolutionary inspiration for the world Palestine
3/27/16 PFLP: Videotaped execution of Palestinian yet more proof of systematic Zionist terror Palestine