Wednesday March 22, 2023
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5/17/16 Case against entrapped Somali youth flounders Minneapolis, MN
5/19/16 Palestinians confront ongoing Nakba, continue struggle for liberation of all of Palestine Palestine
5/19/16 Protest demands justice for 3 Somali youth entrapped by FBI Minneapolis, MN
5/20/16 Minnesota activists fend off anti-immigrant provisions in REAL ID drivers license bill Saint Paul, MN
5/20/16 Over 500 nurses picket Allina Hospitals for health care and safe staffing Minneapolis, MN
5/20/16 Paid informant testifies at trial of entrapped Somali youth Minneapolis, MN
5/22/16 Scores rally against Islamophobia in Houston Texas Houston, TX
5/25/16 Jacksonville police murder unarmed young Black man, neighborhood fights back Jacksonville, FL
5/25/16 Texas students hold Trump piñata bash on Galveston beach Galveston, TX
5/25/16 Polish communists fight political repression Poland
5/26/16 Government case against 3 entrapped Somali youth continues to falter Minneapolis MN
5/27/16 Chicago students who shut down Trump to march on Cleveland RNC Chicago, IL
5/27/16 Jess Sundin promotes defense of Rasmea Odeh at Left Forum New York, New York
5/27/16 The WFTU supports the struggle of the French working class France
5/29/16 PFLP calls for mobilization and action to defeat the French initiative and defend Palestinian rights Palestine
5/30/16 French workers strike against austerity Washington, D.C.
5/30/16 Minneapolis protest slams FBI entrapment of 3 Somali youth Minneapolis, MN
5/31/16 Organizers of “Dump Trump” protest oppose restrictions on free speech at RNC Chicago, IL
6/02/16 An open letter to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual Chicao, IL
6/02/16 Case of 3 Somali youth entrapped by FBI goes to all-white jury Minneapolis, MN
6/03/16 Feds cover up police killing of Jamar Clark, community renews fight for justice Minneapolis, MN
6/03/16 3 Somali American youth entrapped by FBI found guilty by all-white jury Minneapolis, MN
6/05/16 Immigrant rights march says ‘Stop carrying out Trump’s deportation agenda!’ Minneapolis, MN
6/06/16 Salt Lake City activists celebrate with Fight Back! fundraiser Salt Lake City, UT
6/07/16 Palestinian legislator released from Israeli prison Palestine