Tuesday March 21, 2023
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3/31/16 Forum on Rasmea Odeh held in Houston Houston, TX
4/01/16 Angelina Texas SDS demands free tuition, no student debt, $15 per hour, and end to U.S. wars Lufkin, TX
4/01/16 Chicago teachers on strike Chicago, IL
4/02/16 Chicago Teachers Union strike slams cuts Chicago, IL
4/03/16 Land Day in Palestine Palestine
4/03/16 Tampa students host vigil, oppose building named for homophobe and warmonger Tampa, FL
4/04/16 Successful fundraiser builds support for Minneapolis International Workers Day march Minneapolis, MN
4/04/16 UPenn students shut down ex-CIA Director Brennan Philadelphia, PA
4/05/16 1 arrest as hundreds of anti-Trump protesters face off with Milwaukee police Milwaukee, WI
4/06/16 Big march against unemployment in Greece starts with great success Patras, Greece
4/07/16 FRSO holds forum on socialism in Lufkin, TX Lufkin, TX
4/08/16 Marquette University students host gala for undocumented student scholarships Milwaukee, WI
4/08/16 Norovirus hits dorms, U of MN policy punishes workers who call in sick Minneapolis, MN
4/09/16 Wisconsin judge rules ‘Right To Work’ law unconstitutional Milwaukee, WI
4/09/16 Milwaukee pushes for DAPA/DACA+ implementation Milwaukee, WI
4/10/16 Minneapolis remembers Deir Yassin Massacre Minneapolis, MN
4/10/16 Colombian union leader Nidia Quintero speaks in Chicago Chicago, IL
4/10/16 Colombian labor leader inspires solidarity in Miami Miami, FL
4/10/16 On Marxist Organization United States
4/11/16 Jacksonville press conference slams Angela Corey Jacksonville, Fl
4/12/16 Verizon workers ready to strike Minneapolis, MN
4/13/16 PFLP marches in Gaza: The Front is not for sale! Palestine
4/13/16 Chicago responds to police killing of Pierre Loury Chicago, IL
4/13/16 Day one of Verizon strike New York, NY
4/15/16 Angelina SDS rally and march demands “Education for all!” Lufkin, TX