Sunday May 28, 2023
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8/23/16 Protest slams 20 years of Clinton’s welfare ‘reform’ Minneapolis, MN
8/23/16 PFLP calls for urgent international mobilization for Comrade Bilal Kayed Palestine
8/24/16 New York activists continue to fight to free Bilal Kayed New York, NY
8/24/16 No agreement in talks between nurses and Allina Health St. Paul, MN
8/25/16 SDS opposes Israeli attacks on Gaza United States
8/25/16 Minnesota confronts Trump Minneapolis, MN
8/27/16 Sacred Stone Spirit resistance camp Cannon Ball, ND
8/29/16 Tampa demands, “No bombs on Gaza!” Tampa, FL
8/30/16 Minnesota nurses set to strike Labor Day Saint Paul, MN
8/31/16 Rasmea’s prosecutors deny the horror of torture; Judge Drain accepts their argument Detroit, MI
9/01/16 Jacksonville hosts Teamster debate watch Jacksonville, FL
9/01/16 Utah SDS rallies in solidarity with Palestine Salt Lake City, UT
9/01/16 ATU bus drivers protest Grand Rapids area transit board Grand Rapids, MI
9/02/16 46th Chicano Moratorium demands end to racist police attacks Los Angeles, CA
9/02/16 46th Chicano Moratorium demands end to racist police attacks Los Angeles, CA
9/04/16 Minnesota nurses rally as strike approaches Minneapolis, MN
9/04/16 University of Utah students demand “Education for all!" Salt Lake City, UT
9/05/16 Burhan Mohumed speaks out against government repression of Somali community Minneapolis, MN
9/05/16 Minnesota nurses on strike Minneapolis, MN
9/06/16 Protest says MN State #AintFair for those murdered by the police Falcon Heights, Mn
9/07/16 Rasmea’s lawyers file motion “to protect defendant from additional harm” Detroit, MI
9/07/16 Class struggle on Harvard campus: Dining workers announce strike vote Cambridge, MA
9/08/16 Anti-war activists stand with striking Minnesota nurses Minneapolis, MN
9/10/16 National Guard activated to oppose protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline Cannon Ball, ND
9/11/16 Students at University of Houston hold Trump piñata bash Houston, TX