Friday May 27, 2022
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7/09/15 Rasmea's prosecutors tell appeals court: ‘Deny a full defense to survivor of rape and torture’ Chicago, IL
3/10/15 Rasmea Odeh's speech at International Women’s Day event in Chicago Chicago, IL
2/16/15 Rasmea Odeh speaks to Tucson, Arizona solidarity activists Tucson, AZ
9/02/15 Rasmea Odeh speaks out against police crimes Chicago, IL
10/15/15 Rasmea Odeh appeals, supporters await ruling Cincinnati, OH
6/30/15 Rally outside Duval County courthouse demands 'Justice for D'Angelo Stallworth' Jacksonville, FL
9/30/15 Rally demands raises and respect: ‘U of MN, your crummy offer is still too small!’ Minneapolis, MN
7/02/15 Racist attacks on southern Black churches Chicago, IL
12/29/15 Quintonio LeGrier killed by Chicago cops, remembered at community vigil Chicago, IL
4/27/15 Protests continue in Baltimore demanding justice for Freddie Gray, National Guard called in Baltimore, MD
4/23/15 Protests continue against Baltimore’s killer cops Baltimore, MD
11/25/15 Protests build against police killing as Minneapolis unites against white supremacist attacks Minneapolis, MN
2/27/15 Protests against Wisconsin ‘right to work’ set for Saturday  Madison, WI
12/01/15 Protesters unyielding in the fight for Justice for Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
9/19/15 Protesters say “Dump Trump” at Republican debates Simi Valley, CA
11/24/15 Protesters oppose racial discrimination at Salt Lake City school board Salt Lake City, UT
12/12/15 Protesters in Chicago demand: ‘Stop DOJ complicity with police crimes’ Chicago, IL
7/13/15 Protesters headed to Scott Walker’s presidential bid kick off Milwaukee, WI
8/26/15 Protest slams Senator Klobuchar support for Israeli terror Minneapolis, MN
7/22/15 Protest slams Florida judge for limiting press freedom Jacksonville, FL
9/11/15 Protest planned at Colorado supermax to demand release of Simon Trinidad Denver, CO
10/15/15 Protest forces Minneapolis Board of Education to remove racist curriculum Minneapolis, MN
8/23/15 Protest at Senator Klobuchar’s office on anniversary of Gaza War Minneapolis, MN
1/07/15 Poor basher Kurt Daudt new speaker of Minnesota House Minneapolis, MN
2/04/15 Police seize private Facebook account info in Black Lives Matter case Minneapolis, MN