Monday May 29, 2023
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2/27/15 Welfare Rights protest pushes bills to double the welfare grants and give aid to all in need St. Paul, MN
11/16/15 West Chester SDS event ‘The Case for Reparations for Slavery’ West Chester, PA
12/23/15 West Michigan protest against Wall Street politician Donald Trump Grand Rapids, MI
12/03/15 West Michigan protest, ‘Shame on Governor Snyder! Stand with refugees!’ Grand Rapids, MI
12/29/15 WFTU in Solidarity with the people of Ethiopia Ethiopia
2/03/15 WFTU in solidarity with workers in U.S. oil refineries United States
12/04/15 WFTU leader George Mavrikos discusses international trade union history with U.S. union delegation in Athens Athens, Greece
11/30/15 WFTU Marks 70 Years of Class Struggle Unionism Athens, Greece
4/22/15 WFTU Statement on the tragic deaths of hundreds of refugees and immigrants in the Mediterranean Athens, Greece
6/20/15 White supremacist terror attack in Charleston and the need to shatter the chains of oppression United States
11/24/15 White supremacists shoot 5 at Minneapolis justice for Jamar Clark protest Minneapolis, MN
2/21/15 Wisconsin Republicans attempt to push through ‘Right to Work,’ protests planned Milwaukee, WI
6/04/15 Wisconsin Republicans want to decide what poor people eat Madison, WI
5/20/15 Wisconsin right-wing politicians move to take over Milwaukee Public Schools Milwaukee, WI
3/06/15 Wisconsin ‘Right to Work’ bill passes Assembly Madison, WI
3/10/15 Wisconsin’s Scott Walker signs right to work law, opponents will continue fight Madison, WI
9/15/15 Workers march on U of MN President Kaler demanding raises and respect Minneapolis, MN
11/17/15 Workers protest poverty wages at the U of MN Minneapolis, MN
6/13/15 Workers tell U of MN regents: ‘We want raises and respect’ Minneapolis, MN
4/18/15 Working people in Houston demand $15 minimum wage Houston, TX
6/01/15 Yemen resists Saudi/U.S. attacks, captures Saudi troops Washington, DC
6/07/15 Yemen steps up resistance to Saudi/U.S. attacks Washington, D.C.
4/28/15 Yemeni forces moving towards Saudi border Washington DC
12/07/15 YES travels to the Kohler strike Kohler, WI
11/26/15 ‘Blacksgiving’ gathering at Minneapolis Fourth Police Precinct occupation demands justice for Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN