Friday June 24, 2022
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8/13/15 Mass meeting plans August 29 March to Stop Police Crimes Chicago, IL
3/31/15 Anti-war leader urges opposition to U.S./Saudi war on Yemen Chicago, IL
12/17/15 Second walkout against police crimes planned for Chicago Chicago, IL
11/28/15 Chicago marches against police crimes on Black Friday Chicago, IL
12/28/15 Chicago vigil marks police murder of Bettie Jones and Quintonio Legrier Chicago IL
2/13/15 Anti-Muslim bigotry kills three Arab American students in Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC
11/29/15 International seminar against foreign military bases concludes with support from nearby Cuban community Caimanera, Cuba
12/24/15 Black Lives Matter protest shut down Mall of America and MSP airport Bloomington, MN
3/02/15 Faith leaders urge dropping charges against Mall of America Black Lives Matter protesters Bloomington, MN
7/26/15 Mall of America action in solidarity with Black Lives Matter Bloomington, MN
4/26/15 Class struggle in Belgium: Is it still possible to drive back the federal government? Belgium
4/23/15 Protests continue against Baltimore’s killer cops Baltimore, MD
4/22/15 Baltimore protest demands justice for Freddie Gray, murdered by police Baltimore, MD
10/15/15 Occupation of Baltimore City Hall demands police accountability Baltimore, MD
4/27/15 Baltimore police use tear gas, fire rubber bullets at protesting high school students Baltimore, MD
4/29/15 Baltimore students march on city hall, demand justice for Freddie Gray Baltimore, MD
4/27/15 Protests continue in Baltimore demanding justice for Freddie Gray, National Guard called in Baltimore, MD
4/25/15 Thousands shut down Baltimore demanding justice for Freddie Gray Baltimore, MD
5/05/15 Atlanta ends busy week with May Day panel Atlanta, GA
7/11/15 Greek communists blast new austerity memorandum Athens, Greece
12/02/15 Greek trade unions prepare for general strike Athens, Greece
12/04/15 WFTU leader George Mavrikos discusses international trade union history with U.S. union delegation in Athens Athens, Greece
11/30/15 WFTU Marks 70 Years of Class Struggle Unionism Athens, Greece
12/12/15 U.S. union delegation supports ZOURAS strikers in Greece Athens, Greece
4/22/15 WFTU Statement on the tragic deaths of hundreds of refugees and immigrants in the Mediterranean Athens, Greece