Wednesday March 22, 2023
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4/21/15 Celebrate International Workers' Day 2015 with Struggle! United States
4/20/15 Minnesotans gather, urge solidarity with Venezuela Minneapolis, MN
4/20/15 Minnesota Coke boycott campaign kicked off! Minneapolis, MN
4/18/15 Working people in Houston demand $15 minimum wage Houston, TX
4/15/15 Mall of America drops restitution claim against Black Lives Matter defendants Minneapolis, MN
4/13/15 Anti-war leader slams U.S./Saudi escalation of war on Yemen Chicago, IL
4/12/15 Minneapolis commemorates 1948 massacre of Palestinians, promotes #BoycottCoke Campaign Minneapolis, MN
4/12/15 Moscow demonstration demands end to U.S/Saudi war in Yemen Moscow, Russia
4/11/15 PFLP urges solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian leader Khalida Jarrar Palestine
4/11/15 South Carolina police murder of Walter Scott highlights racism and national oppression in the U.S. Jacksonville, FL
4/11/15 100 Florida students march against the KKK Tallahassee, FL
4/07/15 Caravana 43 in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
4/07/15 Activists demand no medical execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal Frackville, PA
4/06/15 Students to hold rally against the KKK, racist violence Tallahassee, FL
4/06/15 People’s State of the University event responds to U of MN President Kaler address Minneapolis, MN
4/05/15 Marquette students demand scholarship fund for undocumented Milwaukee, WI
4/01/15 PFLP condemns U.S. supported aggression on Yemen Yemen
3/31/15 Jacksonville community rally says: ‘Jail officer Cliff! Stop police crimes!’ Jacksonville, FL
3/31/15 Anti-war leader urges opposition to U.S./Saudi war on Yemen Chicago, IL
3/31/15 Tampa students stand against U.S. intervention Tampa, FL
3/30/15 SLC activists demand freedom from ICE detention for transwoman Nicoll Hernández-Polanco Salt Lake City, UT
3/29/15 Jacksonville sheriff's office shoots another unarmed Black man, community plans rally Jacksonville, FL
3/29/15 Activist Sharon Rice Vaughan remembered Minneapolis, MN
3/28/15 Gaza protest declares: “Venezuela, Palestine is with you!” Palestine
3/27/15 Florida march demands farmworker rights St. Petersburg, FL