Wednesday March 22, 2023
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8/17/15 Anti-racist protesters confront pro-Confederates in South Florida Fort Lauderdale, FL
5/17/15 Anti-War Committee honored for Palestine solidarity Spring Lake Park, MN
11/11/15 Anti-War Committee stands behind disruption of Israeli war crimes apologist at U of MN Minneapolis, MN
7/28/15 Anti-war leader denounces the U.S./Turkey attempts to create ‘no fly zone’ in Syria Chicago, IL
3/16/15 Anti-war leader opposes U.S. threats against Venezuela Chicago, IL
4/13/15 Anti-war leader slams U.S./Saudi escalation of war on Yemen Chicago, IL
3/31/15 Anti-war leader urges opposition to U.S./Saudi war on Yemen Chicago, IL
3/05/15 Anti-war leaders blast Netanyahu speech to Congress Minneapolis, MN
3/23/15 Anti-war protest in Washington D.C. Washington D.C.
5/05/15 Atlanta ends busy week with May Day panel Atlanta, GA
4/27/15 Baltimore police use tear gas, fire rubber bullets at protesting high school students Baltimore, MD
4/22/15 Baltimore protest demands justice for Freddie Gray, murdered by police Baltimore, MD
4/29/15 Baltimore students march on city hall, demand justice for Freddie Gray Baltimore, MD
6/30/15 Banks in Greece shut down as European Central Bank stops lending San Jose, CA
10/28/15 Beyond armistice United States
3/25/15 Bill to double welfare grants in Minnesota clears hurdle Saint Paul, MN
9/19/15 Black Lives Matter holds big event in Houston Houston, TX
4/29/15 Black Lives Matter Minneapolis marches in solidarity with Baltimore Minneapolis, MN
12/17/15 Black Lives Matter plans protest at Mall of America demanding justice for Jamar Clark Minneapolis, MN
12/24/15 Black Lives Matter protest shut down Mall of America and MSP airport Bloomington, MN
3/11/15 Black Lives Matter protesters in court, supporters urge Mall of America boycott Minneapolis, MN
9/02/15 Black Lives Matter St. Paul rally in front of governor’s mansion and march St. Paul, MN
6/07/15 Black Lives Matter-Minneapolis responds to #McKinney pool party Minneapolis, MN
7/25/15 Black Lives movement meets in Cleveland Cleveland, OH
11/11/15 Black student struggle, threatened football player strike topple U of Missouri president United States