Thursday January 26, 2023
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3/10/15 International Women’s Day with Rasmea Odeh Chicago, IL
9/11/15 Tim Sylvester to Run for Teamster General President Chicago, IL
8/13/15 Mass meeting plans August 29 March to Stop Police Crimes Chicago, IL
6/24/15 Confederate flags, police crimes and racist murderers: ‘Chicago says no!’ Chicago, IL
3/31/15 Anti-war leader urges opposition to U.S./Saudi war on Yemen Chicago, IL
1/28/15 Chicago students host fundraiser for Rasmea Odeh Chicago, IL
12/17/15 Second walkout against police crimes planned for Chicago Chicago, IL
11/28/15 Chicago marches against police crimes on Black Friday Chicago, IL
10/15/15 Rasmea Odeh appeals, supporters await ruling Cincinnati, OH
7/25/15 Black Lives movement meets in Cleveland Cleveland, OH
5/26/15 FARC suspends unilateral ceasefire Colombia
2/08/15 FARC invites Miss Universe to Havana to help with peace effort Colombia
10/10/15 Minnesota protests the killing of Palestinian children by Israeli forces Columbia Heights, MN
11/12/15 University of Missouri president resigns after football team threatens to strike over campus racism Columbia, MO
7/19/15 Thousands square off against the Klan in Columbia, SC Columbia, SC
11/22/15 School of the America’s protest: "Peace for Colombia! Close the SOA! Free Simon Trinidad!" Columbus, GA
11/24/15 Florida SDS, anti-war activists protest SOA Columbus, GA
5/09/15 Castro on 70 years since Soviet Great Patriotic War: “Our right to be Marxist-Leninists” Cuba
12/27/15 Cuban solidarity means medicine for Syria Cuba
11/27/15 Dallas protesters declare refugees welcome, denounce Texas governor Dallas, TX
7/23/15 Dallas remembers Sandra Bland and demands justice Dallas, TX
5/05/15 May Day marchers in Dallas join forces; downtown shut down Dallas, TX
1/27/15 Democratic Korea calls for end to U.S. military occupation of south Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea
6/27/15 Successful national call-in day demands, "Peace for Colombia! Free Simon Trinidad!" Denver, CO
9/11/15 Protest planned at Colorado supermax to demand release of Simon Trinidad Denver, CO