Monday January 30, 2023
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3/16/15 Anti-war leader opposes U.S. threats against Venezuela Chicago, IL
12/12/15 Protesters in Chicago demand: ‘Stop DOJ complicity with police crimes’ Chicago, IL
2/04/15 Large turnout for Rasmea fundraiser at DePaul University, Zionist protest flops Chicago, Il
12/10/15 High school students protests against police terror rock Chicago Chicago, IL
11/24/15 Chicago protests after release of tape showing police murder of Laquan McDonald Chicago, IL
2/17/15 Howard Morgan freed from prison Chicago, IL
12/06/15 Chicago event raises money for striking Kohler workers Chicago, IL
12/30/15 Chicago stands up to killer cops. Community control of police now! Chicago, IL
1/15/15 Selma: A chronicle of Dr. King’s campaign for equal voting rights via the epic march from Selma to Montgomery Chicago, IL
7/02/15 Racist attacks on southern Black churches Chicago, IL
4/13/15 Anti-war leader slams U.S./Saudi escalation of war on Yemen Chicago, IL
7/30/15 Illinois governor out to destroy unions Chicago, IL
12/12/15 Khairy Abudayyeh returning to U.S., but State Department has to answer for Israeli impunity Chicago, IL
3/03/15 Emanuel suffers primary blow in Chicago election Chicago, IL
12/03/15 Top Chicago cop forced out by movement against police crimes Chicago, IL
10/08/15 Busloads from Chicago to travel to Rasmea Odeh hearing in Cincinnati Chicago, IL
8/30/15 Photo essay: Chicago march for community control of the police Chicago, IL
9/02/15 FRSO marches against police crimes on August 29 Chicago, IL
6/15/15 Community control of the police demanded in Chicago Chicago, IL
7/24/15 Chicago protesters demand end to police crimes Chicago, IL
8/30/15 3000 march in Chicago for community control of the police Chicago, IL
1/05/15 Chicago anti-war activists condemn weapon sales to Israel Chicago, IL
6/29/15 Angela Davis featured at big indoor rally demanding ‘Justice for Rasmea’ Chicago, IL
7/28/15 Anti-war leader denounces the U.S./Turkey attempts to create ‘no fly zone’ in Syria Chicago, IL
10/19/15 Thousands march for Palestine in Chicago Chicago, IL