Monday January 17, 2022
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8/11/15 Solidarity march with Ferguson in St. Paul, MN St. Paul, MN
8/10/15 Militant Texas protest for Sandra Bland and victims of police brutality Hempstead, TX
8/09/15 Marching against police crimes in Chicago’s Bud Billiken Parade Chicago, IL
8/09/15 Minneapolis protest marks 1-year of new U.S . war in Iraq and Syria Minneapolis, MN
8/07/15 Tampa police boast of political spying at 2012 RNC protests Tampa, FL
8/07/15 Tampa police boast of political spying at 2012 RNC protests Tampa, FL
8/06/15 Jacksonville community attends forum on institutionalized racism Jacksonville, FL
8/05/15 Trespass charges against Black Lives Matter Mall of America protesters dismissed Minneapolis, MN
8/05/15 Minneapolis protest demands justice for Sandra Bland Minneapolis, MN
8/04/15 Minneapolis protest to mark one year of latest U.S. military intervention in Iraq Minneapolis, MN
8/03/15 Minnesota: 345 workers at Unity Hospital unite and form union Fridley, MN
8/02/15 Minnesota politicians mull special legislative session on walleye fishing St. Paul, MN
8/01/15 Students march July 30 in El Salvador to mark 40th anniversary of 1975 massacre San Salvador, El Salvador
8/01/15 End the attacks on public assistance, demand our class gets what it deserves Minneapolis, MN
8/01/15 Cecil the lion and the U.S. plunder of Africa Salt Lake City, UT
7/31/15 PFLP announces “Declaration of war” on settlements following burning of Palestinian baby Palestine
7/31/15 Twin Cities ‘Happy Hour for Rasmea’ a major success Minneapolis, MN
7/30/15 Illinois governor out to destroy unions Chicago, IL
7/29/15 Jacksonville holds vigil for Sandra Bland Jacksonville, FL
7/28/15 Anti-war leader denounces the U.S./Turkey attempts to create ‘no fly zone’ in Syria Chicago, IL
7/26/15 Historic visit of the Cuban 5 to El Salvador San Salvador, El Salvador
7/26/15 Mall of America action in solidarity with Black Lives Matter Bloomington, MN
7/26/15 PFLP calls for urgent action to confront Zionist crimes against Palestinian people Palestine
7/25/15 Black Lives movement meets in Cleveland Cleveland, OH
7/25/15 Minneapolis protest demands end to mass jailing of immigrant mothers and children in ‘family detention centers’ Minneapolis, MN