Tuesday March 28, 2023
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2/24/14 House of Cards exposes dictatorship of the 1% United States
2/23/14 Fight Back! editor speaks on U.S. ‘pivot to Asia’ Minneapolis, MN
2/23/14 FRSO Student Commission: Build struggle in 2014 United States
2/21/14 Florida State students demand tuition equity for undocumented Tallahassee, FL
2/20/14 Medea Benjamin speaks with anti-war leaders in Miami Miami, FL
2/20/14 Grand Rapids protests war criminal Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater Grand Rapids, MI
2/19/14 Faculty strike at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Chicago, IL
2/19/14 Lessons from the UAW’s defeat at Volkswagen United States
2/19/14 Hundreds of St Paul teachers and supporters rally at school board Saint Paul, MN
2/18/14 34th annual Day of Remembrance in San José San José, CA
2/17/14 Mother Agnes-Mariam of the Cross speaks to Anti-War activists about Syria Minneapolis, MN
2/17/14 Victories in resistance: Lynne Stewart and CeCe McDonald speak out Minneapolis, MN
2/16/14 Jordan Davis trial verdict fails to deliver justice, the people respond Jacksonville, FL
2/16/14 Senate to ‘revisit’ Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Washington D.C.
2/16/14 Newark Airport workers rally for higher wages and economic justice Newark, NJ
2/15/14 FRSO in solidarity with Venezuela’s battle against right wing violence Venezuela
2/14/14 Valentine's Day protest says stop deporting immigrants and separating families Minneapolis, MN
2/14/14 Protests grow outside trial of Jordan Davis' killer, jury deliberates fourth day Jacksonville, FL
2/14/14 A return to the roots, Legalization for All United States
2/13/14 Fight for Black, Chicano Studies builds at CSULA Los Angeles, CA
2/12/14 Verdict expected today in murder trial of Jordan Davis' killer Jacksonville
2/12/14 Celebrate International Women’s Day 2014 United States
2/12/14 Not In Our Name! Anti-War activists confront drones advocate Minneapolis, MN
2/12/14 Passing of Peter Camarata: Teamster and working class hero Chicago, IL
2/11/14 Saint Paul Federation of Teachers sets Feb. 24 strike vote Saint Paul, MN