Friday December 2, 2022
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8/08/14 Hundreds join, thousands witness: Minneapolis Gaza solidarity action Minneapolis, MN
11/26/14 Hundreds in Asheville, NC rally in solidarity with Ferguson Asheville, NC
7/20/14 Hundreds gather to support Palestine in South Florida Fort Lauderdale, FL
2/10/14 Huge turnout for Historic Thousands on Jones Street march Raleigh, NC
11/26/14 Huge sit-in at Minneapolis South High School protests Ferguson verdict Minneapolis, MN
8/05/14 Huge march for Palestine in Washington DC Washington, D.C.
11/26/14 How to cook a great holiday turkey United States
2/07/14 How Senators voted on Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Washington D.C.
3/11/14 House to deal with Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Washington, D.C.
9/21/14 House Speaker Boehner still blocking extended unemployment benefits, says jobless have ‘sick’ ideas Washington D.C.
4/27/14 House Republicans still blocking Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Washington, D.C.
5/21/14 House Republicans delay efforts to restore Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Washington, D.C.
2/24/14 House of Cards exposes dictatorship of the 1% United States
4/28/14 Honors go to civil rights leaders and Jacksonville Progressive Coalition for battling KKK Jacksonville, FL
7/20/14 High unemployment rates show need for extended unemployment compensation (EUC) Washington, DC
8/27/14 Hatem Abudayyeh: ‘Drop the charges against Rasmea Odeh!’ Milwaukee, WI
10/13/14 Hatem Abudayyeh speaks on the lessons of Gaza, tasks of U.S. solidarity movement Minneapolis, MN
7/01/14 Harris v. Quinn: Wake up call for labor Minneapolis, MN
7/24/14 Gun toting Zionist arrested at Chicago pro-Israel protest Chicago, IL
11/09/14 Gretna FL police kill Kaldrick Donald, residents protest Tallahassee, FL
2/20/14 Grand Rapids protests war criminal Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater Grand Rapids, MI
7/22/14 Grand Rapids protest against Israeli war and occupation Grand Rapids, MI
8/11/14 Grand Rapids march for Gaza Grand Rapids, MI
8/17/14 Grand Rapids gathers for Michael Brown and solidarity with Ferguson protests Grand Rapids, MI
7/20/14 Grand Rapidians celebrate Mandela Day, circulate petition for Rasmea Odeh Grand Rapids, MI